Armchairing !

Armchair travel was the topic of the week and in my previous post I told you guys as to how it isn’t really the enemy.  How it can actually prove to be a great way of escaping our routine lives, and how it might just be the push you need to get you out there.  In this post I’ll be telling you about movies and books that I myself indulge in or I have indulged in to get my mind travelling.

Like I’d said earlier absolutely anything can help your mind stray away from the daily hectic of life.  Travel shows, travel magazines, shows on food around the world etc.  And there surely isn’t a shortage of them.   Television is filled with shows dedicated to get your travel heart racing.   Dedicated travel channels- Fox Traveller, TLC (the travel and living channel).  I personally find myself on the travel channel, whenever I touch the remote.  Even when I am watching a TV show or a crappy action movie, I tend to switch to the travel channel during commercials.  It’s like seeing the world from the comforts of your living room and I do know many of you don’t like to leave their comfort zones.  So this works just fine.

It isn’t just travel shows.  There are several travel magazines to help you know more about the world out there.  Giving you short stories of travellers or feeding the foodie within you with food tales from around the globe.  Sometimes even providing you with recipes to help you bring the world into your house.  Just to name a few- Nat Geo Traveller, The Outdoor Journal, Outlook Traveller and there are several more.

And nowadays, even the Internet has become a new way to sit back and virtually travel to any destination around the world.  The Internet now has sites that have guided video tours of famous places, landmarks, monuments etc.  They’ll take you wherever you wish to go.

And then there’s movies and book that will make you wonder why you’ve been spending so much time at home.  Books and movies that will make you want to pack your bags and leave.  And such books and movies are the best.  They really stimulate your mind and soul.   Really make you want to reach out and experience more in life.  There are some great travel novels, more like journals of famous travel people, which I recommend as they truly give you a sense of someone else’s experiences.   And that would make you want to go experience on your own.  Books like Emily Eden’s ‘I, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert really take you by the hand and introduce you to a different world.  And as for movies I recommend ‘Into theWild’ to everyone I know.  It is one of the most captivating and beautiful movies I have seen.  It makes me question life in general and at the same makes me want to plunge into the unknown and explore.

So yeah! Like I said in my previous post, if it is the armchair you crave, so be it. But do let it open your eyes and make you wanna reach out to the real thing.




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