…but first, a #selfie!


*holds up phone, clicks close to a million pictures, mostly with the surprised duck-face, with variations of peace gestures and the occasional, I-love-everything-smile.*

…and delete.

Hello Fellow Travelers! what’s up?

I’ve traveled a bit, in recent times, and I can’t believe these new type of travel photographs – #selfies :O
They’re all the rage, aren’t they?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for pictures, heck I take the occasional selfie myself, but not as fiercely as the rest of the world. I’m not driven by the insane urge to document every second of my life with a camera in my face, with a permanent pout some people would have for the next 20 years from now!

While we’re at it, there’s something about a surprised pout that I don’t quite understand.. Are you surprised you can pout? or are you pouting because you’re surprised? or are you pouting without realizing it, and are surprised when you finally realized? none of these really make sense. A wide eyed pout, makes no sense.
Anyone who knows it, can totally leave a comment, on why the duck face is a human expression, when ducks clearly don’t do a “human straight face”

But, oh well, to each his own. Power to the #selfie clan, All hail Instagram!

On a related note : the word #Selfie was word of the year 2013 and has now even become a part of the Oxford Dictionary’s vocabulary list.

What is the world coming to?

– sigh –


A girl’s duck face, and guy’s epic photobomb! 😛

haha, well here’s 5 selfies that made me go “what?” and “why?” when I first saw them (of course, later I just scoffed at ’em)


#1 Whatever form of a zombie apocalyptic scenario this kid’s preparing for can wait. The #selfie in the bathroom can’t. 😛selfies-6


#2 Because head-in-a-fishtank makes perfect sense in the #selfie world. selfies-13

#3 “aaaaaaahhhhhhh SPIIIIIIDDDERRRR”.. but first a #selfie “quick, look real scared.” -click- photobombing-spider

#4 There’s a plane situation..it’s plain and simple what I need to do.. so I’ll put it behind me, and take a #selfie first!My plane just crashed..

#5 LETS CREATE A #SELFIE-CEPTION! – YEAH!- *all phones click in unison*selfies-7

I now know what I won’t be doing for the next few days or so. 😛

Until next time,
Steer clear of such random selfies, take good ones instead! 😀

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