Five things to check for in a Hotel Room

So you planned that “most awaited” trip, or just a regular kind of  get away, checked into a new hotel, or are in a home-stay kind of a situation. Typical. Sure you know the drill like the back of your hand, yet there’s 5 things you should always check before you settle in –

#1 Fresh sheets, towels, bathrobe, slippers and the clean room smell.
The possibilities of what the previous occupant did, or what they had are both endless, and disgusting. So, always check for fresh linen and a comfortable mattress.
Yes, sometimes rooms can smell a bit stuffy, but there’s a difference between a stuffy room smell, and the stench of a rotting corpse (this has actually happened. True story.)

#2 A fully functional Bathroom/Restroom
You don’t want to be stuck without a well lathering soap, toilet paper, or water. (Ew, ew, ew!)

#3 A shock proof and private experience
Exposed wires, dubious wires around a “smoke alarm”, watch out for any kind of surveillance equipment disguised smartly around the dresser or inside the telly, people are smart like that. (If you know you won’t be watching the telly, it’s best to just turn the switch off, and unplug it, or throw the towel over it! :P)

#4 Any left over stuff from the previous occupant
All the good hotels service the room thoroughly before the next occupant arrives, but hey, everyone makes mistakes.

#5 A private minibar with sensors 
This is slightly risky, because simply checking out the contents of the private minibar can set off the sensor which increases your final bill! (by a lot) :O and sometimes simply putting them back, would mean that you replaced the contents. (although technically speaking, you did, move them, and put them back. :P)

On that note, I gotta go.
Until next time,
Do as RoomNHouse says –
Travel Easy, Stay Easier!

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