Photogaphic Memory – By the sea

Hello Fellow Travelers, what’s up?

If there’s anything in the world that I love more than ruins of old structures, it is watery sunsets. I’m a big sucker for a watery horizon and a sunset, and I love evening walks on along the coastline. There’s something very calming about it.

I hope you’ve kept up with the previous posts in the series, because not only are we opening our travel albums for you, we’re also sharing memories attached with those pictures with you. sunset at marine drive

This picture was taken on 19 March, 2013. A little more than a year ago, when I decided to take a walk along Marine Drive. (yes, yes  the same one I keep talking about here , here and here)

This picture is very special to me not because of the colours, or the sunset, or the watery horizon that melts my heart. But because of what happened that day.

I’d had a rough day in general, and had randomly decided take off with my bag and hike to Marine Drive walk it off, and go back. It takes a good 30 minutes of brisk walking to get to Marine Drive from my house, which I did, because well, who wants to spend money on transport when walking is what you need.

I was listening to Metallica, and that naturally made me walk faster than I usually do. It was a Tuesday. I’d left home around 3:o0, when I came here, the sun was still high up, over the horizon, and shining with the fire of a soon to be extinguished flame, much like the emotional tide that was rising inside of me.

As the sun settled, so did I. It was at this precise moment, when the sun had just set, but the sky was still bright, that I decided to just capture the everyday beauty of this perfectly normal routine. My phone, I must say, deserved more credit than I gave it, in terms of taking pictures. Just as the picture was taken, I felt lighter somehow, as though with the setting sun, I’d forgiven everyone and myself. I’d forgotten everything and myself. It was just the sunset and me. The music in my ears and me. It was just me. It was only then did I see the missed calls from the people who cared, and realized how long it’d been.

I’d walked quite a bit since I got out of the house, so I sat down, and relaxed. One by one, returning calls, assuring them I was alright. I walked some more until I realized, I couldn’t anymore. My feet were tired, my eyes felt heavy, my heart was full, I needed to be home. And I was.

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