Photographic Memory- can’t get over with Pattaya

Hello! Hello! Readers, what did you do in my absence last week?

This whole week I will be sharing my photographic memories with you, though I have shared a lot of good and bad memories of mine with you people earlier also but this week it’s something different. This week I will be scrolling down my Instagram and will share with you some crisp and sweet memories that I have made through pictures.
Starting with the first one this one is from my Bangkok-Pattaya trip, yes the one in which I had an accidental haircut, if you don’t know that story than give a look at this link (, you will be rolling on the floor the next moment.

photo 3

Moving on, this is one of my favorite pictures from this trip and it was clicked at 2 o’clock in night when my crazy family and I was roaming around the streets of Pattaya city. With bottles of beer and chicken steak in our hand we were like nomads on the streets of this beautiful city. Shopping and foot massage were the only things on our to-do list that night.

photo 4

Moving on to the next picture, this one is also from the same trip, in some hotel somewhere around 4 in morning when we all were tired of being nomads and of being drunk also. Thanks to the good lord we found this hotel with a very difficult to pronounce name and we hopped in to save ourselves from starvation. Not only did they served us with good and delicious food but also gave us a chance to try their grill on the table facility at 4 in the morning.
I was not looking good with that haircut and because of which I didn’t include myself in any of the pictures but I clicked some very interesting pictures (I had an intuition that I will be sharing them with you people LOL).
This is just the beginning of the week (stop rubbing your swollen weekend eyes, people) so fasten your seat belts to go on a memory ride.
Time for me to push of so toodles till my next post and remember what Earnest Hemingway said
It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.
So get up and start creating memories!

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