Photographic Memory – Chilled out times

Hello Fellow Travelers! What’s up?

This is one of my most strikingly memorable college time memories. I’d gone for lunch to this nearby place called Relish, where the food was a little meh, but the kind of things we laughed at, were beyond insane!

I’ve fortunately or unfortunately, moved with a lot of different groups through college. So I have a special set of memories with each of them, which is why making a single birthday plan is either too expensive or impossible! 😛 This was again one of those impromptu lunches that we’d take off on, and I was sharing the cab with one of my (many) best-friends and saw this –DSC02479

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.. I actually really like the dude’s demeanor. He’s sitting atop one of these local public wash basins, from which some locals even re-fill their empty water bottles. It was one of those early summer months, and we were literally burning up, only that we realized a little later.. there was some sort of a wiring fault in the virtually non-existent air conditioning system, which led to a smoke and then a minor fire. Luckily none of us were hurt. The cabbie pulled over in time or we’d all be toast.

This picture was taken seconds before the unprovoked fire made the cabbie pull over and all of us jump out, and Tanny (best friend) and I were just smiling at what the summer was doing to the public. On the one hand, there was this dude, and on another there were people with wet towels under their shirt collars, or over their heads, who didn’t take being photographed very kindly. So we had to make a quick delete and exit, before my cybershot was smashed to bits.

Since we were pretty close to Relish, we decided to walk there, rather than taking another cab.. which took us longer than usual, and our friends who waited there for us, were spamming our phones with calls and messages asking us where we were and what was taking us so long. After we finally got there, we explained the whole situation, and got around to eating. And laughing at things which we hadn’t the foggiest idea about. 😛

To this day I haven’t liked the food, and they keep saying that you’ve associated the stress and “intense trauma” of what happened earlier, with the food, which makes you dislike it. (In all honesty, the food was just about average for me, and them as well, but they’ll just never admit it.)

Damn. I’m hungry now.
Gotta Go!

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