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Hello Fellow Travelers! what’s up?

I’m going to share one of my favorite pictures with you today, this was rather recent, last month perhaps, I was on my way back home from my Grandparents’ house, and took pictures of the sky from my car, that make me say “what a beaut!”PicsArt_1402041637149

So I have this habit of being  total bookworm, at all times. Which I was perfectly happy being, until my sister started getting snappy with her camera.. which wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, until her elbows were on my book (which was actually, her book, which she’d borrowed from a friend.. I Moved Your Cheese – for the curious ones.) I’d only started reading a few minutes ago, and had tears in my eyes, from laughing so much. It’s only when I looked up, did I realize she’d been very smartly taking pictures of an unusually sunny day! We had our very own naturally yellow filter!

I’d just finished reading this line – Our mantra is : “Anything can be faked.”I was so tickled by the absolute hilarity of the book, that I’d started taking pictures of the quotes that I liked best.. (as a practice I try not to scribble or underline in my books, I take and Instagram pictures of them instead! 😛 ) I looked out the window, phone in my hand, previewing the last picture I’d taken of this mantra, and I remember thinking “Naw, not something like this.”

And proceeded to take some of my best taken phone camera pictures. The first one is in the collage above..

It isn’t much of  a memory to go by, but the moment felt so powerful, so intense. I was caught in a dual complexity, in my lap was a book telling me anything can be faked, and right outside my window, the world was telling me, showing me, what was real.

The sun, the silhouettes of people walking by, the sky, the traffic, the heat, the warm sunny heart of the day, all that was real and surreal.

On that note,
I’m gonna go.OkayBye!

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