Photographic Memory- Jodhpur Expedition

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Yawing and rolling on the bed with laptop and chilled ice-tea in front is just like heaven (well I am enjoying vacations to the fullest). Time for me to share another picture memory with you people, the one in my last post ( refreshed so many good memories. Since morning I am missing my collage and my friends, so today I will be sharing pictures of my Jodhpur-Jaisalmer collage trip.

Last year I went on a mad and fun filled trip with gang of girls (P.S this gang of girls is girl’s college effect). Jodhpur and Jaisalmer were our destinations. Though we were quite excited about the camp and the palaces but the excitement of being together was high on us.

photo 1 (1)

This picture is of a historic palace in Jodhpur with beautiful architecture, a master piece in deed. That time I wished for a prince charming who has the same palace (ah! I bring romance in everything)
We opened the bottle of happiness which actually was vodka to celebrate our journey in the train itself and then made some mad efforts to remove its smell. Roaming around the city and exploring historic palaces was what we did throughout the trip. Though the camp stay in Jaisalmer was quite scary but we enjoyed the horror with our blankets up till our faces. Five days of late night pyjama party and lots of booze gave me so much to remember and laugh. That was the time when I and my group had full makeup faces even at 5 in the morning.


The next picture is from our bonfire night (the best thing that happened to us on that trip). After enjoying the local folk dance with food and drinks the mad part began. Imagine a whole lot of girls dancing like mad and thinking themselves as Shakira (it was an epic scene seriously!). That trip was the best part of my college life. Though I still have a lot of college life to see ahead but somewhere I miss that “being crazy” time spent with my always chirruping girlfriends (oh! This made me emotional :P)

Enough of melodrama dose for today. Time for me to push off so toodles till my next post and don’t forget to Click! Click! Click! When you are with your loved ones.

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