Photographic Memory – Mahabal(ol)eshwar

Hello Fellow Travelers! What’s up?

Yesterday I shared with you one of my favorite sunset at marine drive pictures.. Today, I bring to you Lol moments from Mahabaleshwar.. I apologize for the slightly blurry pictures, the phone camera was terrible and I was laughing too much.

This was the same day before the whole Mushroom Risotto thing happened..


Even just the memories of that Risotto make my stomach hurt…

So we left early in the morning after a fruit juice and/or coffee and hiked around the area for a greater part of the day.. come lunch time, we were hungrier than giants. And there we found Rahi Shivsagar! It seemed like a decent enough place to get into so we all did. And here’s when the lady responsible for the Mushroom Risotto parted ways with us. Until we got the menus, we were only hungry, after the menus, we were also greatly entertained, severely judged and amused in epic proportions.

I mean seriously, just look at the typos. Photo0251

Because who doesn’t want to devour a Navratna Kurma, or Stuf Tomato!

(It was like typing Child Bear for Chilled Beer! and I swear its true, there’s actually a shop with “child bear” painted in white beside it.. run a google search on it if you don’t believe me.)

And if that wasn’t enough the cousins and I decided to do a quick imitate and recall of the “waiters” as they narrated the menu with practiced precision.
“Yew musht trai the Gobi Shejwan, Paneer Manchoorian, Mashroom Saslic!”
-that’s what he said. (not even kidding.)Photo0253

We laughed and groaned in our deepest baritone voices, calling out orders to our table mates at volumes that would perhaps even wake the dead from their graves. Which, in retrospect, is why our table was served last every single time. (Ah! an Epiphany!)

Not that it stopped our antics in the slightest! And it is simply because of this laughter and the fact that I’m a slow eater, we stayed on for like two hours, laughing, eating, and being served last.

The rest as they say is history..!
Damn I’m hungry now.Gotta Go!

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