Photographic Memory – Nostalgia

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The day is beautiful on this side of the world, overcast skies with the last traces of heat before the monsoon arrives… I just love this time of the year! I’ve made some of the best memories around and during the monsoons, and I’m sharing one of them with you today.

Flashback to the monsoon of 2012 (July 14, if you please) It was a lovely day, just like today! 😀 A few of my friends and I decided to randomly take off after college to this garden at Breach Candy (yes. there is a place like that.) and well because the only famous landmark around it is this huge store called Amarsons we called it the Amarsons Garden.. (I’m pretty sure there’s a lesser known official name of the garden, but like I said, lesser known!)

PicsArt_1401948497820At this point in my life I was a painfully introverted idiot, not so much because that I lacked social skills, but you know the anxious butterflies that threaten to travel up your esophagus around a crush.. well yeah. that.

So my friend and I reached before the guys did, and she was grilling me on why I wouldn’t just “be myself” which was a valid question, but I had no answer to it. So I started taking pictures. Because well, that’s part of who I am, I like taking pictures, and I love the sea.

It was a great day, and not in the obsessively romantic oh-my-god-I’m-so-close-to-my-crush sort of way, because oddly enough, my crush was in a not so good mood that day. But because even though my phone camera was not as great as my cybershot, (yes yes I’m a traveler with a non-fancy, digital camera, sue me.) I still managed to get some pretty good pictures. Something about the sea calmed my nerves, and steady conversational exchanges were witnessed. Inevitably though, the guys started having their own little conversations as did us girls, it seemed like there were two distinct sets of people, chilling and doing their own thing, stuck together only by virtue of being loosely defined as a “group”. My friend and I eventually zoned out, and I pulled out my phone yet again, to take some more pictures.  (I concede, poor social skills, may be an applicable theory here..)

About 5 pictures later, the guys joined in as well, some of them teasing my friend, others taking pictures of a beauty that changed every minute. That day was full of nostalgia, each of us knowing on some level, that these group outings were going to become a rare phenomena. We all wanted different things from life. We weren’t sure if our paths would cross again.. which they do, and I’m glad that they do.

Unwanted update : my crush eventually went on to go out with someone else, and we’re still friends, not in  a sad pathetic pitiful co-dependent I-can’t-move-on-from-this or She’s-just-so-into-me-I-can’t-cut-her-out-like-that- sort of a way. But like a good healthy friendship, which all of us are capable of.

This has been sufficiently long and personal,Gotta go now,

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