Train in my veins!

Journeys are fun when they last for a longer time.  And something that spells long journeys is trains.  I love travelling by train in our country.  Sure enough, they are not the best and the cleanest option out there, and service wise they may be way behind than the ultra modern ones we see abroad  (not to mention the lack of maintenance and one riding off the tracks every now and then :P) ; nevertheless, I still enjoy the journey.  They certainly don’t spell comfort but I don’t really have a problem with that cause I’m not one to sit on my seat for a long time.  You would probably find me sitting at the foot of the door of each compartment or standing there either admiring the different picturesque views this country has to offer or chatting up a conversation with someone doing the same.  Or you may see me walking through compartments just to see what’s cooking and clicking pictures.  And there’s something new to see with every second that goes by.  How can that not excite you? I for one, have to get down at every other station to see how different it is from the previous one or sometimes just to stretch my legs.

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I’ve never travelled alone on these long journeys, so I must give credit to the company as well – parents, my brothers, friends.  They add to the fun and the excitement and it’s always good to have like-minded people to share something with.

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And there’s certainly much more that the train has to offer than we really see.  For one, it gives you a lot of time on your hands till you get to your destination.  So it’s puts you in a situation where you have to talk to the person who is travelling with you.  Family or friend, it’s a great way to get to know more about them.

But if you are alone and probably don’t like to get up from your seat or are afraid of standing at the door in a running train. (I was too at first, but you know, practice makes perfect.  Also, kids don’t try this at home, I mean in the trains), there’s always BOOKS to accompany you.  There’s also music and games and the Internet and your undying habit of gluing your hands to your phones, but I say books cause they would do much more for you while you are warming that seat in the train than the other things I just mentioned.  I am all for Music.  Don’t get me wrong. But there’s only so much that your ears can take and especially on a long journey.

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See you soon.  Until next time, travel !!



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