20 things to keep in mind when hosting a BnB

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In my last post, I spoke about why a BnB should be your first choice for any kind of budget travel, and today, I’m all for hosting! The obvious benefits have been around since time immemorial, and in order to not sound like a regurgitating cow, I’m going to spare you the repeat telecast.
What I will do instead, is to let you make your mind up about whether or not you’d be comfortable letting a stranger into your house and living with you, because you trust them to not kill you. As austere and cynical as that sounds, it’s actually a healthy practice to indulge in, simply because that’s also how friends are made. 😛
No I mean seriously, look at your best friends, and try to imagine your life without them. Seems odd, right? And to think of it, if you’d held on to the “Don’t talk to strangers” lesson, how would you have ever made crazy memories?
Sure people have gotten killed over a lot less, but then again, that’s what background checks are meant for – to not get killed, or robbed. So when you put your house and yourself out there, be rest assured, that your approval, and agreement will be the be all and end all of the discussion. And you get to say “My House, My Rules!” okay, that sounded a lot cooler in my head. Speaking of which, well yes, it is your house, and your rules, but here are a few general guidelines to make your guests feel a little more at home.

1. Respond to any and all booking related queries within 24 hours.
2. Keep a first aid kit handy, and a list of hospital numbers, fire station, police station, order in food – anything in one place.
3. If there are potentially hazardous areas in the house – a loose tile, a high step – warn your guest about it with a funny sign around those areas saying “watch your step”!
4. Make sure there are no such areas in the house. 😛 which means no exposed wires, no leaky sinks, no runny bathroom showers, or dysfunctional thermostats.
5. Make sure that the house is well stocked from the food, utensils, water to the toiletries.
6. If it’s hot and there’s an Air Conditioner in the room, it must be well serviced and working, “it’s a guest room AC” is no excuse.
7. While you’re at it – make sure all the electronic equipment works fine – like a smoke alarm and sprinkler system also in the unlikely event of a fire – highlight existing exits very clearly.
8. If you’re going to be out vacationing yourself, make a list of all these things and put it in a place where it’ll be seen easily, or make copies and leave one on every mirror. 😛
9. Keep the place neat and tidy, for the love of whatever you believe in. Please. Everyone expects a clean place to live in, regardless of how big their lazy bones turn out to be.
10. If your guests are bringing along their “oh-so-cute” toddlers, and your house isn’t child proofed – tell them, BEFORE they seal the deal with you.
11. If you live in a building with a buzzer system – relay the rules to the guest, asking your neighbors to buzz in guests is not cool.
12. Asking neighbors to pipe down, is one thing, expecting them to not breathe because the walls are thin is another – know the difference while explaining to them how you’ll have guests over.
13. Explain the same things to your guests as well.
14. Pro Smoking, No Smoking? Up to you, tell the guests that as well – put up signs, or provide ashtrays if the need be.
15. Talk to your guests about your policy about inviting people over and the whole deal, while you’re at it talk to them about any and everything general – steer clear from the personal history, unless they bring it up.
16. If you think it’ll be fun to go and receive your guests at the airport, go do it, else provide them with a map or clear directions to your house.
17. Be nice and courteous. Try not to lose your cool unless it becomes absolutely necessary.
18. Welcome them warmly, but not too warm, regardless of how hot they may be. 😉
19. Explain to them the rules of any vehicle you might own, and what permissions they’ll get (if at all you do grant them any, that is.)
20. Try not to go OTT (over the top) – with anything – respect boundaries and personal space, lay down mandates and rules if it helps, but do it right. 🙂

These are just the essential 20 that I think every host must follow – there can be more depending on what your style is, and really it’s all just a matter of having fun where no one gets hurt!
So go out there, have some fun!
Until next time,

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