4 travel essentials that might just save your life someday

Hello Fellow Travelers, what’s up?

In my last post I shared with you the perils (so to speak) of traveling with friends, and today I’m sharing a little unconventional wisdom on how some travel essentials might just end up saving your life someday..

#1 Deodorant
Not only does it help you smell great at all times, it even doubles up as a room freshener in most cases.
How it might save your life : spray directly into the eyes of anyone who assaults you, stalks you, tries to mug you.. you get the drift.

#2 Pocket Knife
Goodbye terribly packed plastic packages, difficult bottle caps, terrible soda cans!
How it might save your life : in any and every way that a knife can.

#3 An Extra Pair of Shoelaces
I don’t get people who constantly wear shoes with laces and don’t have an extra pair on them at all times, considering how the shoe would be rendered pointless without them! In dire situations, it’ll double as a make shift belt for your jeans, a  clothing line for your inner clothes! Or lock your bag with a million knots in the event the lock is compromised.. Heck, on a good day you might even go fishing with it! 😛
How it might save your life : well if you get bitten by a venomous snake, you can securely tie it around the bite and keep the venom from spreading too far while you get medical attention. Or, you could use it to strangle anyone who tries to harm you.

#4 An Umbrella/ Flashlight
If the weather demands either or both, take them along!
How it might save your life : if you’re getting mugged, or stalked – strike them where they’ll least expect it – trust me – a strong blow to the shins with an umbrella handle will buy you all the time you need to get away from there. A flashlight lit and directly aimed for the eyes, can cause temporary blindness, which gives you time to make the surprise turn. If there’s a flood, and your umbrella doesn’t have holes in it – open it, place your stuff in it and row row row your boat..
In the event your flashlight doesn’t work or the umbrella’s broken, use them as weapons of pain anyway.. always strike with enough force to cause pain, and lots of it.

These are just 4 unusual things that might save your life someday, if you know of any more additions to the list leave me a comment and I’ll put it on here!

Until next time,
Travel Safe,

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