5 books that must travel with you!

Everybody knows, a good book is an excellent accompaniment for that acid trip of nirvana moments during travel, so here I list 5 books that I plan to travel/or have traveled with, and why life is better for it.

1. Into the Wild










2. Life of Pi

3. Decipher

4. The Alchemist or Eleven Minutes


5. Journey to the center of the Earth

Every book has the ability to split your reality into two dimensions – the one in which you exist, and an alternate reality created by the book itself. When we travel, the reality which we exist in becomes so surreal and mystical,  why not throw in the magic of a well written book as well?

I was reading Decipher for a long time, first at home, then practically anywhere I went, even to the movies! Some park benches have become a cherished part of my memories simply because that’s where I read sections of the book, and the book is special because of the journeys it undertook with me. The exact same thing happened with The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes.

To a non reader, this might no make sense, and hey I don’t blame you. But I will strongly suggest that you pick up at least any one of these books and read them, perhaps first a little at home, and then everywhere you go.

I am yet to read Into the Wild, Life of Pi and Journey to the center of the Earth (reader’s crime, I know.) While I go seek some form of absolution in Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister, you should go pick up the books and your bags!

Until next time,
Keep Reading, Keep Traveling!

P.s. Reading while travel will mean that you’ll never be bored, and chances are you might have your very own “Before Sunrise” story! 😉

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