5 reasons a BnB is your best bet for budget travel

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Did you guys read my previous post on 5 things that will happen to anyone who’s big on the home-stay scene (http://blog.roomnhouse.com/2014/07/staying-at-home-away-from-home/ ) if you haven’t already, then you may want to. 🙂 Before I proceed with this post, let me squeeze in a smidgeon of pointless trivia – it’s raining, and my mind is a slow painted canvas of thoughts, the most prominent of which are 5 reasons to choose a BnB for any kind of travel – vacation or business.

#1 Complimentary Breakfast
Since that’s what BnB stands for, it’s a captain obvious statement to make, but still very important. You’ll find that the pantry and minibar (if there’s one) will be stocked with lovely treats for the guest, which will keep keep you filled up until lunch time, and concentrate better. Because who wants to be distracted by hunger and caffeine cravings when the client is listing why they need a certain thing to be done a certain way.

#2 High on Comfort

A lot of people these days have 2 houses within the city, or a residence and a vacation home, and sometimes this vacation house is rented out to pretty much anyone who needs a roof for a day or two and is willing to cough out the rent for it. Since this is a vacation “home” it has all the amenities of a hotel, and most of them are free! (parking, security, wifi..) another plus is, you’ll always be well rested.

#3 You’ll save a lot more
When you opt for a lesser expensive option to the high end hotel, your piggy bank gets heavier, and when has that ever been a bad thing? If you look at all the things that you’d pay for at a hotel and tip people for, you’ll realize most of it is merely courteous an mildly taxing on the pocket. But with alternate accommodation, you don’t need to worry about half of those things.

These next two are for the hosts – why you should rent out your vacation home as a bnb for business travel –

#4 If they save more, you’ll earn more.
If they have a good time, you’ll earn more.
It may not be your primary source of income, but it can be the second. It’s simple, if it costs less, people will want to spend more time there, and once word of mouth spreads, you’ll have more people wanting to spend more time there, and that means more money for you!

#5 Business Travelers are a lot less messy when it comes down to it. I’m not sure whether it’s the organization skills at work rubbing in, or they all have a serious thing for uncluttered and clean environments, but they’re the cleanest, and the most finicky of the traveling lot.
So my suggestion to you future hosts is – rather than letting the dust settle on your fully furnished vacation home, and paying the domestic help for the upkeep, you might as well rent it out with a service like RoomNHouse’s where we get you the guests, and you get the money. So instead of your newly furnished home being a blocked investment, let it give you small periodic returns! 🙂

If this has piqued your interest, and somewhere switched on a light bulb in your brain, which left you wondering about whether or not there are certain dos and don’ts to this kind of a thing – well there are a few for a home stay situation and you can check them out – http://blog.roomnhouse.com/2014/06/5-ways-to-make-your-homestays-even-better/

From where I see it, business travel is usually not as much fun as pleasure travel, simply because of tight schedules and work pressures, so the chances of the host and guest getting off on the wrong foot are almost negligible, but I’m still going to write about it in my next post. Watch this space for more!

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