5 things to do in Jaipur!

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Remember I was telling you about planning my trip to Varanasi in my previous post.. Well that didn’t happen and I had to let a friend go, in place of me. Damn it! But oh well, that doesn’t stop me from dishing out some delightful suggestions to any of you traveling to Jaipur in the near future.

#1 Enjoy the palatial structures, and architectural wonders –
Jaipur isn’t called the pink city for nothing, so it’ll be a good idea to go check out the Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Iswari Minar Swarga Sal, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Amer and Nahagarh Forts, the Albert Hall Museum and the Jantar Mantar among the top things to see in Jaipur.

 #2 Catch a movie in Raj Mandir Cinema
Depending on when you travel, the movie listings and show timings will definitely change, regardless of which it would always be a great choice to watch a movie in a cinema which has also been dubbed as the Pride of Asia, and no I didn’t just make that up, Google will vouch for it! 😛

#3 Live like Royalty in a villa/palace


Sure there are a lot of amazing hotels, but then again they’re just hotels. If you need the uninhibited freedom to do what you want, when you want to – you might want to consider this place – http://roomnhouse.com/offers/x1c3ng

#4 Don’t miss out on live music or puppet theatre
Often narrating historical events or love stories galore, puppet theatre is best enjoyed late in the evenings, or lazy afternoons, where you’ll find it? mostly on the streets or in a museum, ask the locals and they’ll tell you where it’ll be! Besides, they make for such lovely collectibles (the best ones are found near Hawa Mahal)

Live music is best enjoyed over a lovely soul uplifiting meal, so before you go out for dinner, check out your cuisine preferences and the availability of live music in the venue and decide accordingly!

#5 Hit the bazaars!
Unlike Delhi, there are no specific places to get the best deals for different things, Jaipur is all about street shopping, anywhere.


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