Soul Searching at 250/- a night!

Hey y’all! What’s up?

In my last post, I spoke from the heart, about the heart of our nation, our capital, Delhi. Today I’m writing about it’s philosophical counterpart, Varanasi. I’ve been there once, when I was a child, and now I’m longing to go back. A trip to be planned soon, perhaps.

Like every responsible traveler, I was scoping out the place, and the best possible places for philosophical Nirvana, and my extensive research threw up quite a few gems. Fun fact : Varanasi is considered sacred, for not just a new spiritual awakening, but also an end to the circle of life. Which puts every meaning of Nirvana in perfect context with the kind of things I’m about to tell you.
Here’s a little forewarning though, these are the places I looked up keeping my budget and preferences in mind, so it’s not necessary for you to follow suit entirely, so this serves more as a sneak preview into my travel plans –

#1 Look for some really cool and kick ass accommodation prices, which I did, and found this at just 250/- INR, per night.kedar11

Which means, for 250/- I get a roof above my head, a door that locks, a comfortable bet with and AC, and that’s just the beginning of the list of offerings! (For further details about the room, visit – ) Yeah, I know this seems like a marketing thing, but trust me, I’d be more than happy to stay here, and I soon will!

Ganga Aarti

#2 Check out all the lovely Ghats
I’m not even kidding, they’re so peaceful and surrounded by such lovely earthy vibes, I’m totally going to take at least one morning dip in the formidable Ganges. So there’s actually quite a few of them, Ghats, the main one being Dashashwamedha Ghat, where the sunset aarti is uplifting and humbling all at once. Followed closely by the Manikarna which hosts all the crematory rites, though I’m not sure why exactly, but I do want to visit it, perhaps when it’s quiet and a fire isn’t swallowing a carcass in its embers. Another lovely place to visit is the Assi Ghat which is albeit farther way from the rest, but worth the effort to get there. At the confluence of two rivers, Ganges and Assi  I can only imagine the change in current, and vibe of the place. It’s also famous for the large scale prayer service offered to the Shiv Linga under a towering Peepul tree, ah sunset, little diyas highlighting contours of the human face in their dim beauty, a watchful Peepul tree, a starlit night, a humble prayer service, a collective heartbeat – that’s something I want to witness and be a part of.

#3 Indulge in some sinful food in a quaint hole in the wall eatery along the riverbank and check out an old derelict structure with an awesome museum.
I haven’t got a specific plan of action as far as food is concerned, though Google does throw up interesting search results. But the place that I will visit is the Ramnagar Fort and Museum – it’s not something you can cover within the 2-3 day stay along with all the other things that need to be seen, so I’m going to keep a day entirely dedicated to this, and perhaps extend the duration of my visit to 2 weeks.

#4 Take a boat ride, all day.
So there are some 80 ghats, and I can’t walk to them. So I’ll spend the day hopping in and out of boats to get from one ghat to the next. Watching the glorious panorama extend infinitely in every direction, slowly swallowing me into it, until I become just another brush stroke on the giant canvas.

#5 Do a little shopping while I’m at it.
I like affordable rates and I cannot lie. 😛 So if I do come across some road side vendors (which there will be aplenty, because this is India! 😛 ) I will not shy away from buying Silken scarves starting at 300/- INR!

And with that my planning is in a much better zone than it was yesterday, and that’s enough to make me a happy person today.

So now that you know what my plans are, go make your own!
Until next time,
Travel More, Stay Happy.

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