Staying at Home, away from Home

Hello Fellow Travelers!

Ever since I read about it, I’ve been all for couch surfing, even though India is still warming up to the concept.. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing some of the most exotic places simply because of couch surfing, well not per se, by going onto a site and scoping out places, then writing a nice letter why I’d want a stranger to let me into their houses.. the way it’s usually done… but more like calling a relative and asking if I could crash there for a while and I did sleep on a few couches so I guess that does count.

So couch surfing, which is also known as a home stay is something each one of us should do at least once.┬áNo seriously. I know people who’ve minted money simply by putting up a section (meaning a guestroom or extra room after the kids’ moved out) of their houses for rent.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the host or the guest these 5 things will happen to you if you’re into the whole couch surfing thing.

1#1 You’ll meet new people, and lot’s of them!
It seems painfully obvious, but I have to mention it. Word of mouth operates very strongly here, if nowhere else. You show people a good time, they’ll go back and talk about you, and in no time you’ll be meeting more people and having an awesome time! (and this applies to both hosts and guests!)

#2 You’ll have a great time, almost all the time!
When you venture into another person’s life, even if it is by virtue of sharing a common space with them, you become a small part of their lives and they become a small part of yours. It’s true initially it may be a little awkward, but once the ice melts, good times await!

3#3 Perhaps not always a good time
So sometimes the other person can be a little bit of a jerk, and you might also retaliate in kind.. but then again, these are things that both sides will learn from. Maybe sometimes you’ll meet people who are the complete opposite of who you are, and that may even be mildly repulsive, but like I said before, you’ll brush up on your people skills! (and hopefully so will they!)

#4 You’ll know more about the world and the people that live in it
miscommunicationThis one’s a personal favorite! when you live with another person from/in a totally different place, the cultural exchange is beautiful and sometimes absolutely hilarious! It happened one time, someone I knew decided to become a couch surfing host for a bit, an old Asian dude, who rented the space out to a set of Spanish sisters, ah the conversations! Standup comedy gold!

#5 You’ll be a better person for it
Not to sound preachy or anything but, it’s true. When you meet different people, different personalities, you gain a better understanding of how to deal with them, in the process honing your own skills, making minute changes to your style adapting and letting go of new things.

Life’s not just good anymore, it’s better.

On that note,
I gotta go,

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