Chalo Delhi!

Hey y’all! Where’ve you traveled to lately?

Did you hop on to the Chennai Express last week? I hope you did, and enjoyed the ride. 🙂 Today though, we’re going to travel to the nation’s capital.. and no I’m not regurgitating the whole “what you should or shouldn’t do”, again. (I’ve already mentioned it before 😛 here – ) What I will do instead, is share with you a few observations from a friend’s recent trip to Delhi. (I’ve been hearing about it non-stop for the past week, and really laughed my lungs out at her expense 😛 today I’ll give you snippets of what happened there)

This first observation happened at home, behind the laptop screen, so I was with her while she booked her tickets online and we were being offered these “package deals” from a leading website (which –may– promise to be one stop booking solution for your airline and accommodation booking needs..) and I realized from the badly taken pictures of the place that the hotels are either really expensive or terribly filthy corners (Yes, the whole room is no bigger than a corner) of a degenerate sham in the guise of “budget” hotels.

Corner Park Facing 1st Floor In 390 Sq Yds ,Gk2

Anyway, I’m really glad, that happened because shortly after, we found this amazing listing – and she went right for it, the place was everything we could ask for. The price seemed a bit steep at the beginning I’ll admit, but divvy the cost between 5 people, and you end up paying a lot less and getting a lot more. Seriously, have you looked at the place?! Its enormous! (I’ve seen pictures, trust me.) 😀

So anyway that’s one aspect, but not the whole of it. A lot more interesting events took place shortly after. I heard people actually call each other, and I quote “Chomo” and “Hakka Noodell” and these were the milder, friendlier ways to address friends apparently. She got called “Tota” a lot, and I guess, that’s just Delhi, being Delhi; For someone whose lived in Bombay all her life, it was slightly shocking to begin with, because initially she didn’t quite understand the implication, and when she did, she was well, at a loss of words.

Corporate People be like, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. I’m dressing to kill. I’m fabulous.

After that initial shock of being addressed in such a manner wore off, she made some hilarious observations about the people and their lifestyles.. “they’re a lot like Bombay people” she said, “only with obscure notions of what suits them” (her words not mine!)

There’s the corporate crowd, who will look like a million bucks for an 8:30 AM meeting, and over the weekend unwind in packs literally, drinks wise and group wise as well; still trying to look like a million bucks, but you can tell that they’ve seen a rather long and tedious work week. (maybe because of all the boss bashing that occurs about 4 drinks later.) 😛

Students be like – we’re so cool we talk in codes and all.

Then there are the students who will discuss anything and everything from the hot classmate/professor to the intricacies of the universe wherever they can whenever they can. They’re so carefree and overenthusiastic about life in general, that the corporate crowd is often seen looking at them, sometimes with envy, disgust, or pity.

these memes are oddly effective :P

“There’s always”, she said “always that one person who will ruin everything by being the worse kind of complain box ever.” They’ll complain about their state of being, the government, and the unfair laws of karma, all because someone put 3 sugars in their coffee instead of 2. -sigh-

Apparently for every lovey-dovey couple, there will at least 2 others with some kind of a musical instrument, and 1 who recently broke up and is now plotting the downfall of the institution of love. To make matters worse, there’s at least girl/woman dressed so over the top, it makes you question the gift of sight and why your brain didn’t issue an alarm before you laid eyes upon her.

I hear you buddy, I do.

Oh and their English accent. (she laughed a whole lot while she explained it to me, and I laughed at her impressions of it.) I’m pretty sure she overplayed it, but she sure sounded hilarious.

haha yes, you are.

Not to say that my dear Bombay is free of these stereotypical observations, it’s just so funny, that there are two cities so unlike each other on the face of it, and yet strikingly similar when it comes to the people and their eccentricities!

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