Everything you need to know about Room n House

In the year and month we thought the world would end, that’s where this story starts.

Goan beaches, late evening skies, shining stars and nowhere to go – sounds delightful, but not when you’re there for a few days and you have absolutely no accommodation plans. It’s just distressing when that happens, luggage wise, but then again that’s what last minute bookings will do to you.
So there they were, the guys responsible for Room n House, stranded on a beach, with no place to go. When a nearby shack owner offered his place to them, and they had a wonderful experience. After they were back home, they toyed with the idea of building an app that would let people upload details about a free space available to crash, and people who needed place to stay, but the reality of a security breach made them decide otherwise. So they improvised, and took it upon themselves to bridge the gap, and Room n House was born.

But this was only the beginning there was a long way to go before they could actually sit back and call it a day. They had limited funds from a previous website building venture, and we weren’t going to part with them anytime soon. They had to think nifty, and fast.
That’s when they came across a platform which let them design their website for just 500 a month, and depended heavily on cloud storage, luckily for them Amit knew how to code a website and he was already on board! Can you imagine the amount of money they’d have to pay up to have a website made by professionals?

The Brain and Brawn of Room n House
The Brain and Brawn of Room n House

After they’d divvied up the responsibilities, it was time to talk to the guys who were ruling the roost. Most of the times it’s just assumed that the power figures will stomp on any budding enterprise, because sooner or later it might pose a threat to their position, but it’s actually quite the contrary, help is willingly given when asked for, correctly. There is no rocket science to be applied to this – as long as there’s an equitable exchange of information/ services, and your business proposition has the potential to become the next sun in our solar system, there’s no problem at all. Okay, so the last part was a bit of a stretch. Point is, it just has to be viable in the long run, and Room n House is really glad that all its mentors and investors stood by it and continue to do so, even today. What matters is, knowing how to nail that sales pitch, but the proof really is in the pudding!
They now had guidance and had so far, carefully allotted funds to only that which needed to be done at that time. But they still had a daunting challenge ahead of them – to go out and present our proposition to the consumers. They needed a How To video, so they talked to a friend, who helped us them with it at a very pocket friendly rate, and now partners with them on a regular basis.
The response was phenomenal, work started flowing in, slowly at first then all at once. They needed more people on the team, unsure of how long the upswing would continue, they hired a few interns, which was again penny smart, because they learn on the job and well as a start up, the creative process works best with collaborative efforts. Now Room n House had a little exposure, mentorship, a website launch in June 2013.

In the same year they saw quite a few high points –
Stats told them 65% of their users are women, and as good samaritans they teamed up with the NGO Salaam Zindagi to aid accommodations during the unfortunate flood that washed away a good part of Uttaranchal.Following which Rakesh, left his high income post to pursue his dream – Room n House, and Amit gave up on mainstream education and devoted his time and attention to amplify the technology of Room n House.


In time everything slowly fell into place but something was still amiss, we were hoping for a little beginners’ luck when it happened. They managed to partner with Sunburn and NH7 as hospitality partners, which set the ball rolling, ka-ching! Guests who’d enjoyed their services (which was pretty much the entire Sunburn crew and a few famous people whose names they’re not disclosing as of now :P) started referring them to other people, who booked with them, and word of mouth publicity really helped them grow.


They always have and still do, place a great deal of importance on feedback from the customer, because it really comes in handy and can save a truck load of time and energy trying to figure out how to make themselves better. Sometimes work pressures tend to cloud ones vision, but it’s important to never lost sight of what matters the most – their consumers!
So when a consumer talks about a mediocre hosting experience, they get them in touch with someone who’s been there done that, so they can really share and mutually benefit from each other’s experiences. At Room n House they believe that hosts need to be as educated about the company policies and functions as the guest does, and so they’re in the process of working out an arrangement where everyone – guests and hosts can share their experiences and learn from them. They believe not in selling our services, but in adding value, to travel, to relations, to life.

Where they stand now, they have a little bit of everything good relations, good clients, a free flowing exchange of references and services offered, a little CSR by the side, it’s looking good for them. But it doesn’t make them complacent about anything; they’re still pushing for excellence, and striving to become better versions of where they stood as a company. Timing, you see, is as important as planning, a plan mistimed is a plan poorly executed. So all their big plans for the future are rolled up our sleeves, and they’ll unfurl them, one fold at a time.

That our dear readers was the Room n House story, what’s yours?

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