Perfect time for Lonavala

Hey y’all what’s up?

– Sigh – It’s raining, and windy, the weather is amazing; I sometimes wish I could just snap my fingers and teleport to some really chilled out place with the perfect company, oh the villainy of universe!
Don’t mind me, today is just one of those days where the whole concept of companionship (and the lack of superpowers of any sort) steals the thunder every other thought that passes though my cerebrum. But I promise not to digress.

So, last week I wrote about the Pink city and its amazing (not entirely Pink) offerings, today I write about the hill station with an attraction called Tiger Point (No, Seriously it is. I don’t know why though..)
Well the place, as the title mentions is Lonavala, and here’s 5 things you cannot not do. (Yes, I just used a double negative.)

#1 Drink some steaming hot Masala Chai – which should essentially not cost more than 10/- even 15/- is a stretch for each cup, if you paid anymore than that, you my friend, have been ripped off.

#2 Check out this list of places to visit

Tiger Point

– Tiger point, or Tigers Leap : Basically a ledge with around 650 mts. drop. Oh but the view. The view is breath taking, and there’s a monsoon only waterfall, which is absolutely awesome! Buses are available until 1.6 km away from the actual location, so there’s a little bit of a hike there, but totally worth it.

– The Lohagarh Fort : It draws you in. No seriously, Shivaji lived here at some point in his life, so can we (…in a very far fetched sort of a way) 😛
There are other forts like Visapur, Tunga, Koregad.. which are mighty, imposing, and magnificent to be in.

– The Lonavala Lake, such a lovely sight.

Karla Caves, and the Goddess Ekvira Temple entrance

– Karla Caves, Buddhist Monk Shrines built around 3 BC.

– Goddess Ekvira Temple : located very close to the Karla Caves, the temple is serene, powerful, and beautiful all at once!

– The Ryewood Park : because impromptu picnics are fun!

– Bhushi Dam, Lion Point, Amby Valley : 3 successive fun spots 😀

– The Duke’s Nose : Trek away!

(these are just the regular touristy guidelines, go off exploring in relatively large groups and find your own little sweet spots around the place!) 

#3 Try the famous Chikki – Maganlal is the name to trust, even though there may be other “A1 Chikki-s” or “Lonavala Chikki-s”.. and why just stop at Chikkis there are quite a few good savory recommendations as well, you may want to ask for a sample though, before making any big purchase on the savory front.. Also avoid the chikki if you’re allergic to the nuts that are used in the preparation. Ask before you eat, or don’t, you know your tummy best!

#4 Book at a Local’s house rather than a fancy high end hotel – because not only will you save money, you’ll also be able to enjoy some home cooked authentic Lonavala food! I’m not implying that the cuisine changes from kitchen to kitchen, but the taste does, and home-cooked food wins!
Not to blow our own fife, but RoomnHouse does have a really good deal for group travelers who may not be comfortable living in the house along with the owner, because the owner might “curb” their vagabond tendencies.. check out one such offer here –

#5 If you must eat out, go here 


Shaila Phase’s Homely Food, located in a tiny lane between two famous Hotels – Maharaja Inn and Hari International.

or here – The Kinara Village Dhaba



Well, what are you waiting for?
Plan your weekend getaway already!
In the meanwhile, I’ll go start a debate about superpowers, and why God decided that everyone’s not eligible for them, with a priest or someone.

Until next time,

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