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Hey Y’all, what’s up?

It’s been a long time, yeah?

I know I haven’t written in a while (sorry about that), but I’m back with a bite sized post which I’m hoping will provide some food for thought. No seriously, this is going to be a lot shorter than my usual posts. What am I going to write about? Well, #DabbaDrive.

It’s simple really. Dabba means box, usually and almost always a lunchbox.
So what’s the deal with a hashtag followed by Lunchbox Drive?

The deal is Hunger.
It’s a little weird and far fetched, to understand, because affluent folks like you and I can afford luxurious meals, and shield ourselves from this steady decline in the condition of fellow humans around us. Their skins are tanned from the sun, expressions weary from constant rejection, and hands always begging. For mercy, for money, for food.

To us, afflicted of affluence, mercy, money, and food are different things, to them, it’s all the same.

Who are they?

They are the people of the streets, the orphans of the city, living with a tyrannical witch of a life. Devoid of pleasures we take for granted, they hold out more than any of us. I’m not suggesting, we bring them into our households and shower them with money.


We earned that money, with our sweat, on our time.

What I am suggesting is this : Every morning, before you leave, you pack lunch for yourself, yes? Well, pack an extra lunch, and give it to someone who needs it; perhaps, on the way to work, anywhere. Give these children of the street, the strength that they need, to stand on their two feet. Give them food, and not left overs, or stale food you can’t swallow. Let them eat, let them grow. That in a sense is the crux of the initiative by Room n House – make someone else’s day, as you would your own. You can DIY with your own boxes, or you can register with RnH and we’ll send the boxes to you. All you gotta do, is then, stuff them with some soul uplifting delights, and share the love, no wait, food. (it’s all the same to me 😛 )

They’ve got a neat video in place which explains everything here –
And get to action here – at:

this, of course, is from a series of visuals in the pre-launch phase of the drive..

I’ve already done my bit.
What about you?

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