What’s the Difference between an Apartment and a Hotel Rental in India?

When planning a vacation to say, a place like Jaipur, in India you must choose the type of accommodations you would prefer. Apartments and Jaipur suites, for instance, are two very different things. A suite is situated inside of a hotel or resort. Each type of rental offers different amenities and advantages. Before knocking either choice, you should consider the finer points of both selections.


Apartments offer a much larger living space than hotel rooms. Most apartments offer multiple bedrooms for travelers to stay in to avoid packing all of you together into just one room. The average hotel room is less than 400 square feet of space, while the average apartment is 750 square feet. Hotels usually do not offer suites with multiple rooms in them, which means all of you will be cramped into one long room. Apartments generally offer a few small rooms, which breaks up the space.


When you stay at a hotel, you have to purchase all of your food, and you’re lucky if you even have a fridge in the room. The cost of this will add up over the course of your trip, especially if you have multiple people to feed. Staying at an apartment allows you to stay on budget when it comes to food costs. With an apartment, the kitchen and kitchen items are included, which means you do not have to eat at restaurants daily. Instead, you can eat at the apartment with the food you can make.

Pricechecklist for a good rental apartment

The cost of staying at a hotel or an apartment is comparable. Both cost close to the same, depending on location, demand, and amenities. With apartments, you avoid many of the extra fees that hotels like to tack on. You won’t have to worry about a fee to watch TV or an upcharge for Internet.


Amenities vary for both hotels and apartments. Some apartments have the benefit of a pool, fitness room, and other features, but this is not common. However, most hotels offer these amenities and more. Hotels also offer room service, whereas many apartments do not. This is why it is important to consider what you want for amenities before booking a room or apartment. If you are trying to stay on a budget, renting an apartment is usually more cost-effective.


Laundry facilities are important when planning a long vacation. It’s also a good idea when you are traveling with children. Most hotels offer laundry facilities, but you have to pay for them. This cost can add up if you have a lot of laundry to wash. When booking an apartment, you can avoid this issue by choosing a complex that offers free laundry service or a washing machine inside of the apartment. This can cut costs considerably.


Apartments offer a full kitchen, something that hotels do not. Apartments also offer other features, such a full set of furniture and kitchen items. Hotels do not have this type of luxury. Hotels usually just offer a bed, dressers, a desk, and TV with a stand. Some apartments might offer additional electronics, including DVD players, game systems, and CD players.


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