A trek to remember

Hey Y’all! what’s up?

The past few weeks have been absolutely mental, but I’m more than happy to be back with snippets of my life and the things about travel that interest me.


Somehow, I can’t get my mind off the idea of going for a trek sometime next year.. Not that I’m in the best shape yet, and acclimatisation becomes problematic sometimes, but a girl can dream, right? :p
#truestory #honestconfession I’ve Googled the life out of this topic and I’ve got a lot of advice, some really good, some pretty bad, but mostly there have been a whole lot of stories, and experiences that only strengthen my resolve to hike up to the mountains, and perhaps even find God.

It’s said that Lord Shiva resides on the peak of the Himalayas, I’m not sure which of those snow clad beauties are his abode but I’m supremely intrigued and oddly even tickled by the notion of being there. I mean like what would I even say?! If I did indeed meet him..

somehow, saying “hey man, Shivy, what’s up?” seems a bit too casual don’t you think?

But chances of it being a sleep deprivation induced hallucination are a whole lot greater than that of it being the real thing! So with that my chances of meeting God are slimmer than my waistline. (and I’m not sure that’s such a good thing.) I know I know, I could meditate but I don’t really have the patience for it. Nirvana then, seems like a distant dream, but the trek? not so much.

While Lonely planet and a whole other bunch of websites will provide you with tips and how to train for a trek, I will spare you a cut-paste-rephrase version of it, but I will share this one post I found so effortlessly refreshing, it makes me want to pack my knapsack right away! Which is basically a chronicle of sorts of a trek she took up earlier this year.. called Har-ki-dun : THAT Valley!!!!! and you can check it out here – http://karismayur.wordpress.com/2014/06/17/har-ki-dun-that-valley/ If this doesn’t make you want to get set and trek, well then nothing can.

On that note I gotta go read up some more on Trek-iquette if you may (trek-etiquette. jeez.) Until next time,

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