Diwali Special

Hello Y’all what’s up?

Diwali is here , and boy is it bright! It’s a lot less noisier this time, which is not something I want to jinx by putting it into those many words. 😛

Since Diwali is all about new-ness and a homecoming of Ayodhyan proportions, with this post, I come home to a topic I love writing about but with a new spin on it (- it’s not going to be an essay of a blog post!) – Places to travel to, here’s 4 places that have the coolest Diwali Celebrations going on.. (my apologies to the rest of the nation, but these guys are the galaxy to our smaller suns..)

1. Jaipur and the market decorations : case in point the Johari Bazaar which is shines brighter than the sun at noon, has earned the title of “The Strip” a la Las Vegas, if you may.

Johari Bazaar, still want to think your balcony decorations are all that jazz?
Unless your balcony is in here, then yes, they are all that jazz. :P

2. Goa and the Demon Burning : yeah no its not a cult thing. It’s the effigy of the demon Nakasura that’s burnt to ashes. This happens on the day before proper Diwali, and they have competitions to see who can build the scariest effigy, and then just burn it.

it’s not good to lie about not being at least a little shocked by that. :P

3. Varanasi and the firework display : imagine this, river banks full of people, all gazing into the sky, among friends and strangers, as fireworks paint the sky in a momentary mosaic of light and beauty.. well the real deal is that feeling multiplied by at least 100.

so beautiful.. :)

 4. Amritsar and the Golden Temple – it’s actually in a way the Golden Temple’s birthday, as it’s foundations were laid in the Diwali of 1577. The fireworks add an ethereal glow to the temple and the people who surround it.

no fireworks, but it sure looks beautiful

If you’re in any of these 4 places, I just wrote about, you’re awesome! if you’re traveling to any of these places around this time – you’re even more awesome! and if you’re one of the many people like me – staying put where you are for now.. well, you’re awesome too, perhaps in a lazy, let’s just stay at home, sort of a way. 😛

Until next time,

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