say “yay” to Pune!

Hello People, what’s up?
Most people from Bombay, in the “yay or nay” game, choose nay over yay for Pune, but that’s not even true. Bombay is awesome. yes. but Pune isn’t too far behind either. Here’s 5  reasons why I say so :

Koregaon Park

Easily the most happening place in Pune, a stroll will indulge all of your senses and how!

MG Road / Camp

If there is such a place as a shoppers’ paradise, this has got to be it. (and that’s saying something!)


The Shaniwar Wada Palace Fort of the Maratha Dynasty which lies in the heart of Pune city is an heirloom of sorts of  the Maratha culture and the architectural design shows the influence of Mughal style and the feature of Maratha artistic styles, passed on from one era into the next.

Katraj Snake Park 

For all the “daredevils” who would be open to the idea of a snake writhing around your neck while posing for an “epic” picture, this place is definitely for you. With close to 160 species of snakes to choose from, you can even take pictures of the many birds chirping away, if snakes are not really your thing.


Room N House Rentals

I’ve lived in hotels and I’ve booked with Roomnhouse, trust me the latter was so much better experience wise, I loved every minute of being there. Here’s where I stayed, if you’re curious – the amenities are lovely, and the experience, exquisite.

So go on, book away, enjoy the pace and peace of Pune book with Room n house.

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