The Top 5 Areas in India to Book a Vacation Rental

India is home to many different cities that offer unique cultures, sights, and natural features. It’s possible to stay close to the mountains, desert, or beaches. Though there are many cities, five areas of the country offer many interesting activities, places to see, and fun ways to have an adventure. Check out these five cities to rent

1. Mumbai.

The New York City of India, Mumbai is the heart of the country. It is home to Bollywood, which is India’s equivalent to Hollywood. The city is also known for its shopping, nightlife, and food. Museums are bountiful, as are historic places, such as the Gateway to India.

2. New Delhi.

New Delhi is the political capital of India, and nearby is the famous Taj Mahal. The huge structure is a mausoleum for the wife of the emperor Shan Jahan. In the earliest 17th century, he was the wealthiest man in India. The Red Fort lies nearby, which was a palace for the Mughals (Mongols). Another thing to see in New Delhi is Old Delhi, the oldest part of the city. There are also many mosques and old palaces to check out.

3. Jaipur.top5placestobookwithRNH

Jaipur is the City of Victory, where the old ways meet the new. There are numerous bazaars and other places to shop. Camel carts, cows, and beggars line the streets, while businessmen file past and tourists wander. There are many palaces and forts located within the city, including the Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, and the City Palace.

4. Goa.

Goa is India’s most popular beach destination. Lazy days at the beach and parties abound, but the beach city also offers much more. It is the richest state in India, offers the best quality of life, and was ranked the best-placed state. It’s a huge tourist draw, but not just for the beaches. There are beautiful places of worship and architecture found nowhere else in the world. The forests in the state offer some of the most diverse flora and fauna that you will ever see.

5. Amritsar.

Amritsar is the spiritual center for the Sikh religion, and located in Northwest India. One of the most popular tourist destinations there is the Golden Temple. This is the cultural and spiritual center for the Sikh religion. The attraction brings more than 100,000 visitors during the week, which is more than the Taj Mahal. The city was founded in 1577, and it offers many religious monuments.

These five areas of India are not the only great places to see. The country is home to thousands of monuments and has a rich history dating back to the beginning of civilization. The country also offers a diverse range of geologic features and ecosystems. Each area offers an impressive amount of shopping spots, restaurants, and nightlife. Vacationers should consider choosing a city or part of the country to visit, and then find a vacation rental within that area. This way, you can hit all the popular tourist spots and cross off a few items from your bucket list.

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