5 things that travel gave me

Hello Fellow Travelers!
Where have you traversed to lately?

Every one of us loves to travel, like really travel, unlike the grueling commute that takes us from A to B. Sometimes I wonder though, if I love it enough to dedicate my life to it. The answer is a timid yes from somewhere deep inside me, but rationale takes over and my finances point and laugh at my face. In such situations I often wonder, why. Why is it that there is a yearning inside of me, almost emanating from my soul, to explore a new place and be explored by it.

Why is it that I want to leave everything and every comfort behind, in search of a foreign land, and friendships waiting to happen? In this short post I explore the top 5 things I’ve received as gifts from Travel.

5 things travel gave me


#1 Expanded Horizons –360-world-view
Literally! Not only have I been witness to a fantastic infinite stretch of beauty that separates me from the horizon, I’ve also been privy to the thoughts that whisper themselves in deep corners of my mind. I’ve been able to push boundaries that were imposed either by society or my irrational fear of it. I’ve been gifted the originality of thought, and the humility to realize that I’m not the only one who thinks about the things I do.


#2 Smiles –Smiles

Travel has given me more reasons to smile than I have given myself in the past. It has given me memories, laughter, happiness and a reason to keep my faith in it going.



#3 Friends –

If there is anything that does happen while traveling is that somehow you just end up making a lot of friends and even many more acquaintances!

#4 Memories – Memories

There is a reason why the camera was invented, and I’m not sure there is anyone who cherishes the invention more than a traveler. (other than the photographers, that is.) Travel gives you so much to remember and shows you so much of change, that some times, you just want a moment to remain the way it is, forever. 

#5 Souvenirs –


Yes, souvenirs, sometimes even a mindless trinket can trigger so many memories, its not even funny. And in that little trinket is the essence of everything that the place stands for, and means to you. It stands for everything that you were when you were in that place at that point in time. It’s like a one way mirror into the past. They don’t even need to be store brought goodies, simple things like bills at coffee shops, or ticket stubs from local plays, transport or movies, they all act as such randomly strong triggers, it’s almost painful to not reminisce about the trip after coming across the said souvenir.

On that nostalgic note, I gotta go,

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