Bored on board

For those of you who are easily bored on a plane, like me. There’s surprisingly quite a lot that can be done, without disrupting the general peace of the people around you. (and no, yo don’t even have to ask to sit next to the window.) 

#1 Music will save you. 

No kidding, but it also tends to bore me sometimes. (I can’t believe I just typed that out.) I Love music. I live for music. But Music on a plane for more than 3 hours will put me to sleep, and it doesn’t matter how hard core the rock music is. 

# 2 Doodle/Write/Draw 

Do that while you’re listening to music. It can actually occupy you for like an hour or more depending on what you’re doing.


# 3 Read 

Read a novel or comics, they’re really time travel machines in themselves. (to avoid letting the AC make you yawn, listen to upbeat dance music rather than blues or instrumental music.. while reading, it just adds a whole new dimension to what you’re reading.)

# 4 Watch a movie/ or a favorite serial. 

Try not to choose a scary one, you might scream.

And get dirty looks from people.

Avoid ‘Snakes On A Plane’, or any from the ‘Final Destination’ series at all costs, the power of suggestion should not be undermined. But will you miss your favorite serials a bit much while you’re travelling? well, download and catch up! who knows a fellow fan might be sitting right beside you. Which brings me to –

# 5 Talk to the people around you

but just don’t be ^ that guy.

It’s courteous to say the least, and what a wonderful way to pass time – getting to know someone, perhaps even making a new friend! 😀


# 6 Play games on a hand held console, or your phone 


Keep the game volume, victory dance, and abusive loser behavior low.


# 7 Origami

Get folding!

# 8 Solve the crossword/ sudoku in the newspaper

If that’s already done, there are entire books for this kind of stuff. 😛

# 9 Make lists

Lists of things you want to do once you’ve reached your destination, places to check out make a new bucket list.. the works.

# 10 Just go to sleep

You can’t get bored if you’re asleep, right?

Gotta go now,

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