Nursing a broken heart : To travel or not to travel, that is the question

Often people and even cinema will talk about travel as a form of therapy (for the lack of a better word) to nurse a broken heart. It works wonders, I can tell from experience, but this post is not meant a tearjerker about how travel healed my broken heart.tumblr_m0h1u9ayrt1r21bv9o1_500

This is post is more of a contradiction to its own self, if I may put it like that; because on the one hand, there are people who would say that off time in the form of travel is the best way to deal with life in general, which is a perfectly healthy way to deal with situations, with absolutely nothing wrong in doing so. On the other hand, are people who call this a spineless move, and broadly classify it as escapist behavior, and they’re not wrong either.

Travel can be a captivating and liberating experience, all at once. It is by far the best way to connect with a force much greater than ourselves, and gaze into its endless reserve of mysterious beauty. So what is it about the setting free of the mind and soul that seems like an act of cowardice?
Is it perhaps the manner in which we choose to flee from stress at the drop of the hat? Or is it in our constant anticipation of when the other shoe will drop? Clearly something does not sit right, and I find myself torn apart by these two opposing yet totally legit viewpoints.

One view suggests that travel will heal your wounds, (which it will undoubtedly.) It will fill the scars on your mind with beauty and newness. (A bit much, yes.) And somewhere deep down everyone wants that. Even the ones who claim that they don’t. Everyone wishes they were better versions of who they are right now. We’re all worn down by invisible burdens weighing heavily on our two shoulders, we pick our own battles and win our own wars. Unaware that everyone, is in fact, struggling with something or another.

Sure, we all struggle, but is running away the answer? Is taking off time, every time, a good move (psychologically speaking)? If we walk way every single time, will we ever learn to fight? Will we be able to know our battle when we see one? These are all questions which none is spared of. Some people find the answers to these questions, some are baffled by the implications, and some turn a blind eye towards them – all of these kind of people also travel.Quotation-Lance-Morrow-travel-people-Meetville-Quotes-79152

So its not Travel that’s the real villain here, it’s the reason for the journey. If one travels as a form of escape, to cope, to bear up with, to clear one’s mind, then one fails to travel at all. The only reason one should travel, is because it feels right.

Honestly, a change of scene won’t get you anywhere, if your mind dwells on issues it’s trying to resolve. Travel works on an unconscious level for conflict resolution, so if you force it, it just won’t happen. It’s like trying to make a child on a sugar rush go to sleep, even if you tie them to the bed, they just won’t sleep.

But here rises an even bigger question, who decides, whose reasons are worthy enough? Travel is unconditional, so should the reasons be. I can sit here and lie through my teeth about how my reasons to travel are utterly unselfish and purely travel for the sake of travel, and you would believe me.

Would I have gained anything from such a fruitless exercise? Not much. Would I have lost anything? Time, Money, and my ability to discern when to walk away and when to put up a fight – from where I see it, it’s pretty damn much.

To sum it all up, to travel with a broken heart is a personal choice, it always has been, and always will be. As people we can be the only ones to decide what’s best for us, others can sure suggest, or maybe impose a thought pattern, but as they say you can only drag a horse to the river, you cannot make it drink.

So pick your own battles, and choose your own travels.

Until next time,

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