Hello y’all!

Belated Christmas wishes to the world, and advanced new year greetings to everyone. Speaking of which, have you made any “new” resolutions for 2015 or are you just going to stick to remembering that it’s 2015 and not 2014 from Jan onwards? 😉

Well, whatever your list may be like, I’ve made compiled a mildly funny list of 10 things to do/not do in 2015.

#1 Embrace change (or at least consider it before completely rubbishing the notion)calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions

#2 Get my priorities right (at least try)


#3 To have a greater say in things (or at least start small with it.)

dilbert resolution

#4 Be less Sarcastic (suuuuure.)


#5 Two words : Lifestyle Change (two more: Just Kidding)


#6 Be Focused (did you know that pinching your elbow doesn’t hurt?)


#7 Focus on the quality of friends over how many I have (Proceeds with the Facebook Cleanse)


#8 Be a smarter person (a lot smarter than this)


#9 Become less of a workaholic (feverishly types out the rest of the post and freaks out over one unread email from the boss)


#10 Not to have unrealistic expectations from 2015


I hope your list is a lot more productive than mine is, if you have a list that’s not on a bar napkin with drink stains on it. 😛

Gotta go now!

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