5 things you need to stop doing at hotels

Hello everyone!

The world is a beautiful place, and somehow we as people will find a way to make a mess out of everything. Hotels are no exception, built to please our aesthetics and provide a somewhat distant form of care, they allow us unwind, though not completely, because somewhere, the sense of home like comfort is imposed, rather than exuded. All said and done, the industry is here today, and is here to stay.

But there are 5 bad habits that must go away.

#1. Stealing freebies from the bathrooms.

Seriously, it’s so not cool. Sure they may smell good and be oh so tempting, but just because something is made available for usage doesn’t mean you take it away with you. Besides, nobody likes a mooch, so why be one when you don’t like one.

thou shalt not steal

#2. Being rude.

Yes you’re tired from all the travel and you expected a level of comfort when you checked in, but screaming at room service for a missing extra sachet of milk powder is just one of the many definitions of the 4 letter word spelled as J-E-R-K. One, you can do without an extra sachet for the time being, and two, raising your voice will not magically make a sachet appear, being polite on the other hand? makes you a better person. Threatening with the “do you even know who I AM?” will invite confusion, hostility and maybe even laughter, at your expense.

pretty much what goes on in every person’s head when they’re around a rude jerk

#3. Being obnoxiously loud on your phone. 

We understand, your voice has a certain pitch, and you’re used to talking at a certain volume to be heard over chaos and whatnot, but when it’s quiet, be soft. Besides no one really cares about what time you arrived at the hotel and how you have the best taste in everything.

because, this is clearly a bad example of good taste.

#4 Mispronouncing foreign cuisine items, because “that’s how it’s said”

Nothing makes you seem more of a misfit than mispronouncing a dish, with confidence. If you’re unsure of how to pronounce the name of the dish, but want to order it anyway, point it out on the menu to waiter who’s taking your order.

seriously though, don’t be like this.

#5 Not correcting your kids enough/ yelling at them too much in front of everyone

Yes they are indeed little angels -cough-evil-spawn-of-satan-himself-cough- and you may love their little quirks, but their screaming and crying has got to stop. And the running around. And the tantrums. And the toys left around. ( I love children, I do, really.) As parents it’s your job to make sure your kids aren’t the stuff of someone else’s nightmares. If they hurt themselves and start crying, scoop them up in your arms, and walk away calmly soothing them as you go, crying kids attract too much attention and uncalled for parenting advice.

When disciplining children in public, a rather loud and firm “No” should be enough. Do not hit or lecture, or call them names in full public view, ever.


there’s a difference between sassy and hurtful, know it, teach it.


On that note, I’ve gotta go.

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