5 Travel Hacks To Save Time!

Hello Fellow Travelers!

Have you Traveled much in the new year?

It’s only 9 days into the new year, but it seems like an eternity has gone by December 31, but oh well, time passes, sometimes faster than the speed of light, sometimes slower than a snail on hibernation. Speaking of hibernation, my life seems to have gone into hibernation, everything seems to have slowed down in a way.

No, not really.

There’s going to be a wedding in the house. Everything and everyone is rushed. It’s like everything is on Rajdhani mode. (For the one’s who didn’t get the reference, the Rajdhani Express is among the fastest interstate trains that runs through India, connecting the capital city New Delhi, to other parts of the nation.) Which brings me to the topic of this post, 5 travel hacks that will help you save time, energy, and your sanity, so you don’t end up in a delirium that robs of the joy of traveling.

#1 Don’t book flights over the weekend.

Because, pretty much every single person on the planet thinks that weekends are perfect to plan trips and book tickets, which makes ticket prices rise fast, and the sites selling the said tickets slow.

the frustration dear friends, is real.

Use your Mid Week Lunch break to browse, and seal the deal later that same night. Also, try to browse in incognito mode and clear cache before you begin web surfing for tickets, because I read somewhere that airline websites, tend to track your visits and increase prices if you’ve been a frequent visitor. (not too sure about that last part, but seems plausible. In today’s world, anything is possible.)

How this saves time : booking does becomes quicker when not a lot of people are simultaneously logged in, yes?

#2 Save the empty bottle of water on your way to the airport.

this -probably isn’t- water, but let’s just pretend that it is. ;)

They don’t allow bottled water in, but you can always refill an empty bottle at the airport. Why buy a bottle when you can just refill?

How this saves time : You won’t spend on water, means you save a little, when you save a little you don’t need too many ATM trips, and when you don’t need too many ATM trips, you’ve literally bought yourself, time to travel. (talk about a domino effect :P)

#3 Scan copies of your passport and tickets and keep them on your phone

readers you know it’s true, this is your first thought, when you realize you kept the passport and tickets ready, and at home.

Kill two birds with one stone. Which two birds, you ask? well, if you forget either the tickets or the passport you have the information on your phone. And if you lose your phone, they’ll know who to give it back to. Also, a great many people carry similar handsets, and sometimes these people tend to sit beside each other in a train or a plane, so if you find yourself in such a situation, you’ll be able to prove that the phone is really yours – should someone accuse you of stealing “their phone”.

How this saves time: for starters you may not have to run back for what you left behind, and secondly, you won’t spend too much time arguing with people trying to prove what’s yours. 

#4 Put a dryer sheet, or the bar of soap in your “dirty laundry” bag to avoid stinking up the rest of your clean clothes.

becuse you don’t want to be like this ^ when you unzip that bag.

No one likes a skunk. Enough said.

How this saves time : considering that you won’t pass out from the stink now, you have all that time to go travel! Or even just settle in a bit.

#5 Rent a house, or a room as against living in a hotel.

travel doesn’t always have to be an expensive affair you know.

Because not only are hotels expensive, they’re also less likely to give you a real feel of where you’ve traveled to.

We could actually help you out with that last one. Simply head over to Room n House, and welcome to the uncomplicated life.

How this saves time : Well now you won’t have to spend time cross referencing prices, reviews, and what not between pricey hotels. Which means more money in your pocket.. and the ATM domino effect comes into play again. 

Until Next time,

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