New Year, No Resolutions.

Hello Y’all

How many resolutions have you broken yet? (If you made any, that is.)

I’ve had the lousiest start to the year and it seems like it’s a boon in disguise. Seriously. 2 days into the new year, and everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. 😛 63ecaa742e6c33689db1978d7cd62f0b

But on the upside, people I love and care about live happily, so clearly some things are quite alright. So I was thinking yesterday, do we even need a resolution list? It’s not like we’re able to everything. It seems to me that the list is more of  reminder, of the things we lose sight of when we get busy with the mundane. It stands for all the things we wish we could do, but clearly are not.

Does it also nag us like a slave driver with a whiplash? Absolutely.

Because not only does it remind us of all the things we wish to do but actually are not, it shows us a stark view of how much our lives suck. Since when do we need to resolve to make more time for ourselves? Since when have we forgotten that we are alive, so we have a job and a life of  big people responsibilities, and not the other way around? 2015 list

Realizing things like this makes life hard, you know. It really does. I love my job, I do. I swear. But sometimes my resolution list pokes my shoulder every now and then, telling me what I wish I were doing, as against what I am actually doing. And that thought, makes me question all my life decisions, while I’m at work.
But not actually working.
And that makes me a lousy no good employee, which may get me fired one day.

So the one thing that was created out of a need for free thought, has now enslaved me to itself. (are you happy now? resolution list of 2015?)

Resolution lists are a sham, I tell you.

A necessary evil, if you may. Without these, we’d all be a little directionless, a little lost, and very confused. All which are good to feel a little and one by one, but never too much and all together. Our lists give us a sense of purpose, for what we do with the off time from work (if there is such a thing known to our workaholic task force..) They allow us to -think- that we’re in control of the direction our lives steer into, and definitely motivate us to work harder, run faster, towards the things we want; for ourselves and from ourselves.

The reason we make them is to remember what’s important to us, and to keep trying to make it happen. Because if we don’t strive to make and complete our own lists, who will?

I’ll leave you to figure that out.
Until next time,

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