5 things travelers ARE guilty of!

So we have that one friend in the group who just cannot shut up about their recent trip to blah and blah place.

Among my lot of friends, I don’t really think anyone is like that.. barring me of course. I talk about travel to my people until their ears fall off. (not that that’s ever happened.) So I know I’m guilty of at least one of these 5 below. If you’re a traveler and you do even any one of these (if not all 5), know, my friend, that you are not alone!

#1 Talking about our travels and philosophizing every moment of every trip. (I shamelessly admit, my friends have posed this question every. single. time.)

never stop talking

#2 Judging people, simply (making an excuse and) leaving mid way from a date if they say “I don’t really like to travel all that much.” (in our very liberal and open minds, we’re thinking -)

– But if we do buy you something from our travels, (and not just those measley gift store items) know that you mean the world and more to us. – (yeah, awwww.)

brownie points for that exact reaction :P

#3 Always using our own pictures (as in pictures that we took, or pictures of ourselves “interacting with nature”) as our phone, desktop wallpapers, holiday greetings, birthday cards, and contemplate getting multiple prints to use them as postcards.

#4 Resisting every urge to punch anyone voicing their misinformed notions of a place we’ve already been to, or want to go to. You see travel has taught us to master the art of maintaining a zen like calm, even when on the inside we’re pretty much like this –


#5 Finding ourselves, dreaming and day dreaming about travel. Our wanderlust draws us to our blogs/ journals/ diaries (most of us have them) and write on and on about how we feel about travel, or update our readers about our recent trips.  Or we’ll read someone else’s blog, and be so impacted by the piece of writing we’ll leave a long heartfelt comment, corroborating the writing piece with examples from our own journeys, like this –

this is exactly me. as i write this. no kidding.

With that, I’ve got to stop assaulting the keyboard.

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