Roomnhouse Guest Mr. Ajay Sajwan shares his ‘Live like a Local’ Story

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This week at Roomnhouse has been quite interesting, we’ve been getting in touch with travelers and asking them for 7 simple things that we’d love to know about them! Here’s the first of many posts in this series, and in our maiden interview series, we have with us today Mr. Ajay Sajwan! – round of applause – 

Here’s 7 things about the traveler who knows what it’s like, to #LiveLikeALocal

1. Which are 3 your of favorite places to visit in India?

1. Goa
2. Any of the Jungle Safari – Been to Jim Corbet in Uttranchal
3. Higher altitudes like… Leh, Lahual Spiti and many more

2. What has been your fondest travel memory? and why?
1. Games we play after having some drinks…
2. Capturing Candid Pictures of people and places
3. Food

3. Which are some of the places in India you long to travel to but haven’t been able to as yet?
Lakshadweep and Andamans
Rann of kutch
Manipur and Arunanchal
Joshimath and above areas
Thekkady and lot more

4. What’s the one thing about home that you miss the most when you’re out travelling?
My Family is mostly with me while travelling 🙂

5. While traveling has using RoomnHouse helped you overcome any occasional homesickness? If yes, how?
Great accommodation place

6. Are you planning to travel to any particular place in the next 2 months? If yes, would you choose RoomnHouse for your accommodation?
Not yet decided but definitely somewhere

7. Lastly, any tips for fellow travellers that could help our readers to ‘LivelikeaLocal’ on their next trip to any of the places you’ve been to?
What I do is keep all of my required gadgets which are actually of great help and make your trip enjoyable…. Keep gadgets like, Camera, Powerbank, Swiss knife, Toolkit, Emergency light, Binoculars, Bluetooth speakers(great entertainment gadget), extra batteries, extra usb charging cables(friends might need it), laptop(optional), Compass(if you know how to read it) and lot more… also depends on the kind of trip

Your favorite songs selection
And on top of it have your own Medical kit


A wise man once said, “To Travel is to Live” and to that, we say, Travel easy, stay easier!

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Be Footloose!

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