10 things that tell you, You were born to travel.

It’s a new week, and a new post!

For the weirdest reasons I’ve been feeling unsure of a lot of things. Life, reality, the works. Blame it on the online course I’ve taken up on the side, and more so on Franz Kafka. It is among these musings did I also touch upon what it is that allows me to identify with the “traveler” persona, what it means to be a traveler? And well, here are 10 things that solidified my perception of myself as a traveler.

1. As much of a verbose and talk happy person you can be and make a million friends in the process, you’re also perfectly comfortable in the silences of your own company.

2. You know all the tips and secrets to a light suitcase and a heavy duty enjoyment routine for each trip you plan.

3. You know more than 4 languages well, other than your, mother tongue, national and/or state language.

4. You actually prefer the longer route, because it means you get to see more of the place you’re in.

5. Your Travel Bucket List is long enough to cover the entire surface of the earth, twice.


6. You have at least once considered leaving everything as is, and taking off for another trip. Within minutes of coming home from a recent trip.

7. You realize there are a lot of places like Home.

8. You constantly crave the thrill of trying something new. (other than the powdery business.) In the middle of an epic trip.

9. You’re so used to being in and out of your comfort-zone, people in general seem a lot more hesitant, caged in, and stuck up to you. (even though you realize, that their lives haven’t changed the way yours has, thanks to Travel!) 

10. You hold on to things like old clothes, or bag tags, because they have memories from your trips attached to them.

This was my way of knowing that I am born to travel, even though I don’t do much traveling these days :'( Hope this clarifies any doubts you had about whether or not you’re born to travel. Yes, I said doubts, because would you have read this otherwise; if you already knew and weren’t looking for any kind of confirmation? 😉

Until next time,

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