Roomnhouse Guest Nihal Shetty shares his #LiveLikeaLocal Story

interviews_cover photo_nihalHey guys,

These past few weeks at RoomnHouse have been quite interesting, we’ve been getting in touch with travelers and asking them for 7 simple things that we’d love to know about them! Here’s the second of many posts in this series, and in our maiden interview series, we have with us today Mr. Nihal Shetty! – round of applause – 

Here’s 7 things about the traveler who knows what it’s like, to #LiveLikeALocal

1) List 3 of your favorite places to visit in India.

Auli, Goa, and Majuli

2) What has been your fondest travel memory? Why?

this was at Goa.. or at least fragments of what I can remember. I was there with a group of friends and we were all getting sloshed out of our minds (like everyone does.).. We wanted to go galavanting around the next day, and really try to capture the essence of the place in our cameras, so as much as we hoped to maintain our sobriety, the bottles outnumbered our collective will to not drink -too much-.. so we did. After a point, we decided to walk back to our shacks, and crash there.. so we crawled in, and were too tired to make it to our beds.. we just sprawled onto the floor. Only to be woken about half an hour later, by lots of screaming and violent tugs at our clothes.. I vaguely remember being left somewhere, glad after a point to be able to sleep peacefully.. it was only the next morning, after the sun forced our eyes open did we realize we were on the wrong beach.. which essentially meant we crashed into someone else’s shacks, and got thrown out.

I remember laughing so hard about it, my hangover became worse. Not the funniest, but definitely among the fondest memories.

3) One place in India you wish to travel to but haven’t been able to as yet?

There’s actually quite a few places I want to visit. It’s basically like I want to experience this country in its wholeness.. like not just the famous touristy places, but also the roadside tea shops, dhaba food.. and all that. So there’s no one place, other than pretty much all of India.

4) What’s the one thing about home that you miss the most when you’re out travelling? 

The ability to leave something behind, without worrying whether or not I’ll see it again. You can’t just leave stuff behind when you travel you know.. because then it’s just like lost, forever.

5) Did using Roomnhouse help you overcome your homesickness? If yes, how?

Yeah, to begin with it was just like home, although I tried very hard not to get too comfortable and just leave my stuff lying around. Definitely had a warmer vibe than most of the hotels I’ve lived at in the past.

6) Are you planning to travel to any particular place in the next 2 months? If yes, would you love to use Roomnhouse for your accommodation?

I’m not sure though, I’d love to go to Leh Ladak, Spiti Valley, even check out Drass but that all depends on when and how the plan pans out..

7) Lastly, any tips for fellow travellers which you can share about a place you visit often in the country that could help our readers to ‘LivelikeaLocal’ on their next trip to that place?

Oh this one’s simple and has general application : book with Roomnhouse, and get to know your host well. Since they’re already living there, they’ll be able to guide you well. 🙂

With that tip from Mr. Nihal, we’re not saying anymore than ‘The nation has been told!’

Until next time,
Keep Traveling!

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