Nepal Earthquake – How Can You Help?

‘An accident waiting to happen’ said Scientists commenting on Nepal earthquake said it was. While we sit cosy in our comfortable mansions with clean air, good food and clean water, there are thousands who still stranded under the wreckage and a million souls praying for their loved ones to return safely.


What Nepal needs now the most is not you sharing a post on Facebook sympathizing. Donations, Food and Shelter is taken care of by government agencies but there is one imminent problem that needs to be addressed – Accommodation.

We want to make a difference by providing a platform for accommodations to the victims of the earthquake.

How Can You Help?

– Simple Google Form to fill in the following


1) Name of the host

2) Number of people that can be hosted

3) Address of the location

– If you cannot host or are already a host, please share with your friends and folk to encourage people to host.

-We will share your details with  local NGO who will get in touch with you and help the victims to rehabilate immediately.

We will not share your data with anyone,we hate spammers.

Why Is This Needed?

– Rehabilitation camps are over crowded

– Donations and other aid would take time to fructify

Over 200,000 people are homeless

– Dire need for sanitation and family support

The list will be shared with an NGO which will arrange for the safe transportation of people to these locations.

Roomnhouse wants to provide you with the platform to make a difference simply by sharing your space any further queries/questions/feedback please reach out to

We have already helped victims (53 families) of Uttarakhand floods using the same method with help of  local NGO Salaam Zindagi. Please find the link: Room n house helps Uttarakhand flood victims

Please share with your friends and relatives so that people can help people.

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