5 bad travel habits we must let go of.

Ignoring Locals

Locals are probably the best people around to talk to, when you need some help. Of course then there are also those who are up to no good, so it’s good to go with your gut, especially in matters of who to approach and for what.
Just as you would not open up about your personal life, residential details and other personal information to a seemingly well meaning stranger, there is no reason to do so even while travelling, not because the person who you entrust this information to might misuse it; no they could be knights in shining armour for all you know. But what about the ears that listen, and eyes that follow? Discretion is the key to safely getting out of such menacingly warped situations.

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Taking touristy pictures in odd places.

Sure you want to document your trip and make the memories as happy and vivid as you possibly can, remember that your flash at a dim ambience place, can not only disrupt the vibe of the place, but can also attract attention towards you, and it may not be the flattering kind.
It would be smart to visit brightly lit areas in the second half of the day so you won’t have to use the flash all that much, and perhaps keep in mind the tone of the place you’re visiting. Taking  selfies along graveyards or tombs, or places with a sad history is just disrespectful, and just makes you look stupid.
Should you want to capture those places in your camera, do so without including yourself in the picture. Take a few pictures, and move on, avoid lingering on for too long at any place, during the day, or night.

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Ditching the local food for fast food restaurants

Yes you’d love the comfort of your kind of food when you’re travelling, we all would. But for the entirety of the trip if you’re going to go with your kind of comfortable food, then why travel at all, if not to relish the cuisine, and tickle your taste buds a little?
Being too fixed in what you want to see and do
It’s good to have a mental or even physical check list of what you want to see, and what you want to do, but abiding strictly to only that list is like travelling like the horse with blinders. The whole point of travelling is to look around, take in the beauty of it all, one sight at a time. So if you can’t make it to a particular place, don’t fret, enjoy where you are now, because in fretting about where you’re not, you’ll be turning a blind eye to where you are, and what it has to offer you.
Of course unless it’s late, and pretty quiet, you’re alone and you haven’t reached where you were supposed to be. Then it’s time to worry, pull your socks up, and get the hell out of there.

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Not using Technology just enough.

Yeah, somehow it always seems to be an extreme situation, people often are too connected, or not at all. And both are bad.
Too connected means you could walk into poles and other stationary objects, not to mention, people who will not take it kindly. And you’ll totally miss out on the great things that you’re passing by because your eyes are staring at your phone.
Disconnected could leave you lost and helpless, which is dangerous to say the very least.

Time to find exit.

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