5 reasons why Shimla is the perfect escape from this summer heat!

Hello people of the world,

What’s up? Other than the sweltering heat and god awful smell of sweat that floats heavily and thickly in the hot gusts of summer air.. I make no apologies for that stinking description, simply because it’s a typically hot, grimy and sweat inducing – Indian Summer; even though I often wish it would be even remotely close to the cool quotient of The Doors reference that I tried to make there, I find myself in pools of grimy disappointment.

I know it seems like I hate the Summer, I don’t. Honest to God, I love it as much as the Monsoon and the Winter, it’s just that some days are better than others, and this is not one of them.This day is like my own personal hell, and somehow Nelly’s song “it’s getting hot in here, so take of all your clothes..” is stuck in my mind as a clear instance of wishful thinking. (Yes, I am sufficiently embarrassed I know the song, and have made a reference to it here.)

Alright, this has been a heated venting session so far, and you’ll be right to ask me to chill 😛 So I will, as I give you 5 reasons (other than the snow, and trek opportunities) why Shimla is your best bet to beat the heat this Summer!

1. The Viewshimla-hill-stations

The view is an absolute treat for the sore eyes and a weary soul – very uplifting and supremely cool! The scenery is as good as nature can get, but it’s really the local markets that will steal your heart away, with signs as old as our independence, the flavour of the market, coupled with the warmth of the people is a combination that one should ideally, never ever say “no” to. The surroundings are so lovely to take in, the sounds so pleasant to get lost in, the roads so rewarding to walk along, the fact that there are no cars allowed in the central areas of the town, is hardly bothersome! The food and stores along Mall Road are an experience within themselves, and a meal at, at least 3 such places are a must!

2. Jakhu Temple and The Christ Church11

jakhu-temple-shimlaTrust me, you’ll want to go to this temple and this church, and not because you’re a devout person (which you may well be) or the architecture is simply majestic, but because a word of thanks is overdue. You’ll thank your stars and the Gods for the breezy wonder that the Viceregal Lodge is, or the mysterious wonder that Scandal point remains. Nevermind the monkey menace on the hike to the temple, Shimla is incomplete without its stories, and its heritage, and your trip to Shimla is incomplete without visiting the markets and the temples and the lodges, and coming back with stories of your own! 🙂




3. Coffee at the Indian Coffee Houseindian-coffee-house-shimla

This isn’t some run of the mill coffee house with an Indian name, but one of the best Coffee Houses there can ever be in Shimla, go here one time, and you’ll forget all starbucks, coffee beans and tea leaves and cafe coffee days. It’s that good. Be it a steaming coffee, or a mouth watering dosa, you’ll regret not going here, I can promise you that.

So I’m being dramatic, but there is a point to it; the point being –

4. Gaiety Theatregaiety-theatre


This newly reopened theatre of 1877, looks as pretty as a picture after the 5 years that have gone into its restoration! You’ll want to get in touch with a super cool guy called Mr. Gautam, for guided backstage tours, and the envied view from the Viceroy’s private box! There are a few local drama troupes who still put up lively performances there!

5. Day and Nightlife Town_hall_ridge_side_Shimla

I could go on about romaticized notions starry nights, longs walks and holding hands, but that’s not how everybody rolls. Thankfully, you can still eye flirt with a stranger across the bar at Devico’s Bar, or set the dance floor ablaze at the Footloose Disco, or go retro with the 1980’s inspired decor at Himani’s. If that’s not your style, well there are plenty of places to visit during the day – like the markets, the Town Hall, the Ridge, the Churches, or the Museum of Heritage that could end in moonlight walks, long discussions and happy memories. #justsaying.

So if you’re up for a chilled out time at Shimla, you might want check this and this out.

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