5 things that should always travel with you.

Hello everyone,

The day is breezy and the sun is kind, the clouds are aplenty, and I have the perfect place to unwind! A good mood, on a good day can inspire a rhyme or two. 😛 But then again that’s not what this post is about.

Before I get to the part where I tell you what 5 things should always be a part of your travel bag, I should perhaps provide a little context. I was waiting for a friend at a coffee shop earlier today and couldn’t help but be distracted by a frazzled tourist freaking out over mud stains on a leather bag, and as any good person would, I walked over and offered my newly purchased little jar of petroleum jelly – Vaseline to her. At first she looked confused enough to ask, how will this help? I simply said I’ll show you. I took some on a fingertip, spread it over the mudstain, grabbed a tissue from the table and wiped her bag clean. Needless to say, she was happy as a kite, and I let her keep the jar.
After I left, her to her business I couldn’t help but wonder, what if someone had told her about this, so she wouldn’t be so hassled at this point in time; and that’s how the 5 things post idea hit me.

1. Petroleum Jelly

Not only will it serve any and all beauty needs – chapped lips, dry skin, stubborn eyeliner, can all be fixed with just a little petroleum jelly, or in this case, vaseline! It will also help with stain removal, bag and shoe shining – for leather goods. It will even help with getting rid of disgustingly sticky chewing gum from the soles of your shoes or the bag that you placed on the ground unknowingly. It can even help with sealing wounds like simple cuts and scrapes, for when you can’t find a band aid or run out of them.

Fix a scuff on a patent leather shoe with a cotton swab and some petroleum jelly.

2. Baby Cologne

No I’m not kidding, and yes it will help. For all the times when you are too rushed to shower or the shower that you did take is being rendered within an hour from stepping out, baby cologne will save the day. Go to a public restroom, splash some all over yourself. Enjoy the smell. In addition, it works much more effectively (in my experience) against mosquito bites than the actual repellent creams. Plus since it’s baby cologne, chances of it irritating your skin are less than zero, unless you accidentally splash some over a fresh wound, in which case, DON’T DO THAT! 😛


Suavinex Baby Cologne

3. A Bandana

It will save your life more often than you’d give it credit for – protect your hair from the sun, cover your face when it’s too dusty, to wipe your glasses when they get dirty, act as a makeshift bag for your belongings if and when your handbag comes apart, or as a funky belt for when your pants or skirt won’t hold up.

Pinner said: Love. Laid back denim with bandana and aviators

4. A Swiss Knife

This is the king of multipurpose invention, and you should pledge obedience by carrying it around wherever you go. 😛

Wenger's Blackout Series - the EvoGrip 10 Swiss Army Knife

5. A Powerbank and a multiple plug point panel.

A powerbank will help in maintaining that precious battery life for your gadgets and the multiple plug point panel will allow you to charge all your devices from one plug point, eliminating the changes of leaving behind any of the gadgets, or their chargers for that matter 😉

Portable Charger: Cell Phone Power Bank $9 (plus $6.95 shipping)  Hurry - offer expires soon!

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