5 travel tips that are so obvious you’ll think “oh yeah..!” when you see them

This post is brought to you by the small part of me which likes to state the painfully obvious. Pointless as you think it will be, this post is actually worth spending the two minutes that it will take to read, because these are so obvious that they’re most often overlooked.

1. Chill out

Don’t try to exert control over the things that you very obviously can’t. Stuck in traffic, in an unfamiliar city? well, cribbing won’t help. Flight delayed? Screaming at the terminal staff will not help things at all. Patience is a virtue, and you’ll really be able to soak in the vibe of a place if you just learn to calm down and chill out a little.

"Chill Homie, you need to let that shit go." - Buddha

2. Go with the flow

Don’t try to cram too many sights to see in the few days that you plan to spend in a certain place. Go instead where your feet, stomach and eyes take you! What would also be fun, would be to get lost on purpose, (only if it’s during the first half of the day and you’re not too far from where you want to be.) Trust me, you will not be disappointed! 🙂

I've learned that when you try to control everything, you enjoy nothing

3. Take pictures and document what you see and how you feel

Don’t worry about looking like a “tourist”, the locals and their mothers probably see you as one, even if you call yourself (and probably even are) a traveller. So go on, take pictures, but only as many as you need, not too many, not too little. A good journal will also be an excellent companion if you’re more of a writer than a photographer; write long and hard about the things that made you smile, the smells that excited your appetite, and the sights which soothed your tired eyes and mind. That way you can vicariously experience the trip every time you see the photos or read your journal!

not a board but a book...love this idea. i use my iphone cam and take notes from there but nothing beats pen and paper.

4. Choose alternate accommodation options, over mainstream hotels.

If you want to get a real taste of the lifestyle and culture of the destination you’re visiting, there’s no better way to live like a local, than living with one! Not only are they easier on the pocket, but they’re also a great place to gain insight into the place and it’s customs. Plus if you live in a hotel, as against with someone else, chances of you getting invited to a random outing with the hosts (where you could learn a lot about the culture), would be slimmer than zero. So choose what you want out of your trip, and make the choice between hotel v/s alternate accommodation accordingly. If traveling to or within India, you can start by looking at accommodation options here.

Startup pitch: RoomnHouse targets alternatives in Asia and Middle East


5. Carry your common sense with you.

If you wouldn’t be a chatty Cathy with strangers in your hometown, there’s no reason to let go of that lovely common sense when on vacation! It would be better to thoroughly research your destination before you set out on unfamiliar ground. Carry a scarf, it’ll help more than you think it will. Go do something that you’d thought you’d not be comfortable doing, if you view the place from the safe haven of your comfort zone, how will you truly experience it?

And with that, I gotta go.
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