Moms stand for, and stand up for a lot of things.

I find myself at a writer’s block, when it comes to writing about mums, not because of a personal reason, but simply because already too much has been said about mums, yet somehow it doesn’t seem enough. Each of us shares a very unique relationship with our mums yet there are things we could all agree upon.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find the notion of Mothers’ Day ridiculous.

For a person who’s never able to really catch a break, ever since her child starts to grow in her tummy, just one day of credit every year, is too little and too late. What about all the times she chose us over everything else in the world? Each of our mums could’ve chosen not to have us, but they did, and not once have they faltered in loving and supporting us in a way only a mother can.

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Sure there were times where they needed more learning than we did, sure there were, are, and always will be times when you will disagree with your mum, but remember, our mums aren’t the only ones that made us; we made them as well. Where our mothers taught us discipline, we taught them patience, where they taught us obedience, we taught them sass and rebellion, where they taught us to read, we taught them to teach.

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She was a woman, a daughter, sister, friend, wife, until we were born, then she became a mom.

It doesn’t surprise me that the word “home” is a part of the word “Mother”, because home is where mom is. Without mom, it’s just a house, there’s no warmth, no cozy vibrations, no delicious smells arising from the kitchen, so smiling face to greet you and ask you how your day went – a wife, sister and girlfriend, can replicate it the aroma, the ambience, the questions, but it’s different when mum’s around. #truestory

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This Mothers’ Day I won’t do the cliched “thanks for everything, and you mean the world to me mum” tearjerker of an ending, neither will I egg you on about where you could take your mum (although, is a good place to start looking. 😛 ) I won’t even go on about how special a mother or a mother figure in our life is.



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What I will end with is a promise each of us should make to ourselves, to make our mums proud and happy, for the rest of their lives, and even after that. Make every day as thoughtful as Mother’s’ Day.


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