10 Essential Monsoon Travel Tips

The Monsoon is almost upon us, and the thrill of travelling in the monsoon is undoubtedly among the best things that life offers us; but it also offers muck, pot holes, traffic snarls, mosquitoes, requirements for a change of clothes at all times.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the monsoons, and bloggers in the past have been very vocal about it here and here, so before you get set packing for your next adventure in the soul uplifting monsoons, keep these tips in mind and handy 😛

Rainy Day #23 by Emerico Imre Toth - Rainy Day #23 Painting - Rainy Day #23 Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

1. Rain coats, gumboots, and umbrellas, are utility based, don’t fret about matching-matching dressing goals.
2. Carry a bottle of water from home, and/or buy sealed bottles of water only. It doesn’t matter where you travel to or from, monsoon water can be good or bad, depending where it comes from. 😛
3. Protect your electronic devices well or prepare to buy new ones.
4. Yes the chaat tastes yummier, and sounds like a fun plan, but tummy aches and necessary bathroom trips aren’t half as fun.
5. Befriend odomos, or the mosquito repellent that you are aware of, and be utterly and completely disappointed by most products like all out and mortein liquid to keep mosquitoes at bay, because that’s not going to happen.
6. Do get drenched in the rains, jump into puddles at least once. But avoid a thunderstorm, and pot holes at all costs.

Running through Puddles on Rainy days
7. Do be careful behind the wheel, or on the other side of it.
8. Do walk on wet earth at least once, watch out for the creepy crawlies though.
9. Do help possibly stranded strangers, do allow yourself to be helped by strangers, only if your spider sense doesn’t tingle any warning signs.
10. Do invest in, and carry a change of shoes. Wet, noisy footwear is unwelcome and unhygienic, to say the very least.

Rainy day in Amsterdam


Your hair will get super frizzy, but tame it in monsoon friendly ways and even though we could go on about staying away from dry shampoo or leave-in conditioner, but you’ll probably either figure it out, or do it anyway 😛

Until next time,
Keep Traveling (regardless of what the season is!) 😛

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