5 jobs that will cater to your wanderlust

Ever wanted to take up a job that pays you to travel, and is virtually stress free? Well, here are 5 options you could look into –

1. Travel Blogging

You could either start writing your own blogs and reviews about places and link them to the relevant social media handles of the places you write about, or apply as a blogger for companies that are already in the travel domain, and write for them!

Tired of your daily routine? You want to break out from 9 to 5? I asked some travel bloggers about their secrets and how they accomplished a life of full time traveling.

2. Travel Photographer

This one’s pretty self explanatory, you travel, you take pictures and sell them at a price. Easy Peasy.

a day in harlem with rog walker, mike dos, and parley d’amour. Beautiful Black Men..


3. Food Blogger

Probably the best job there ever is, travel the world just to sample and discuss food all over the globe! That’s enough to fill your belly for a lifetime, literally!

Butter chicken with Naan

4. Find a job in the fashion industry, not as a designer, but as the trend spotter or tastemaker.

Among the most underrated jobs to have ever existed in the history of mankind is that of a tastemaker in the fashion industry, because not everyone can dream up a new trend for every season, sometimes people need inspiration, and they’ll pay you get to globetrott and be inspired, and of course return with tangible results and potentially untapped market segments, or fashion statements waiting to be made. Because not all epiphanies are well, epiphanies, some are tailor made to fit. 😉

Take a peek into the lives of industry tastemakers. This week, we turn the tables on Laura Brown, Executive Editor of Harper's Bazaar.  http://ow.ly/l6aO1
5. Travel Show Host/Crew

This is an obvious choice, the name says it all. Be a part of a Travel Show, and every day will be new and exciting! 🙂

Talking Travel with Scott Wilson - Travel Show Host, Pilot, & Adventurer

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