Capture meaningful memories on your next vacation with this quick list of travel photography tips.

When we travel we take pictures. Travel and photography go hand in hand and while capturing the beauty and unique qualities about the places we visit can be exciting, it can also be a little bit daunting. We want to come home with tangible memories of our amazing experiences and to capture the true beauty of the things we see.

Today I want to share a quick list photography tips to help you capture your next travelling adventure. Whether it’s somewhere exotic or you’re exploring some place closer to home, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind.

Pack lightly. Lugging around a long list of photography equipment can be exhausting and impractical where airline weight and baggage restrictions are concerned. Do you have a favourite go to lens? Bring it and maybe one other with you and make them work for you. You’ll be more apt to bring your camera along wherever you go the easier it is to carry.

Capture details about the place you’re visiting that make it unique. Create a collection of photos that contrast the differences between the place you’re visiting and where you call home. Differences in plant life, local crops, foods, climate, architecture, etc.

Capture the details. Turn your camera away from the easy to spot characteristics of a place and look for more obscure details to photograph. Road signs in different languages, the local people and what they like to do, stores in the area, what a typical street looks like.

Capture a variety of different kinds of photos from close ups to landscapes. Pay close attention to the background of your photos and include information that gives your photos context. Where you were, what the surroundings were like, how the weather was. Closeups are great, but including some of the background scenery tells a story.

Hand the camera over to someone else and get in a shot or two or even give them the job of playing photographer for the day. Capturing the trip from a travel companions perspective can be fun and provides a totally different vantage point.

When travelling, space is always a concern. No room to bring home much in the way of souvenirs or memorabilia? Why not snap a quick picture of those items you wish you could bring home instead.

Think of yourself as the storyteller of your trip. Capture the details of your journey from start to finish. From packing, arriving at your destination, the fun you had while there and your return home.

While capturing a plethora of beautiful photos from your trip is great, don’t forget to put the camera away sometimes and soak it all in. Enjoy the details with all of your senses and create memories to attach to your photographs. Taking photos is great but knowing when to put the camera away is great too.


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