Five Must See Places When You Are in Kolkata

Heading to/ already are in Kolkata and got some time to spare? Well here’s a list of five places you must visit!

St. Paul Cathedral


St. Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata is one of its kind and first Episcopal cathedral of the Orient. Back in the day, Bishop Wilson chalked out the construction of this stunning church in 1839.

Hogg Market/New Market Area

Even though it is popularly named as new market, it is probably one of the oldest existing markets of Kolkata, located at Lindsay Street, it is an ideal place for shopaholics as here one can get almost anything and everything one desires for.

Marble Palace

This splendid manor was built in the year 1835 by Raja Rajendra Mullick. The style of this Marble Palace is notably neoclassical and the beauty is the kind you’ll have to see for yourself to believe.

Park Street

Credit : Indrashish’s photography

It is also called Food Street and the lane that never sleeps. This place was once one of the peak night life hangout places during the 70’s and has still lot to offer.

Indian Museum

The Indian Museum based in Kolkata is the biggest and one of the most ancient museums situated in India established in 1814. This museum holds 6 separate sections which are further slated in 35 corridors and enclose a plethora of assorted antiquities, relics, art & paintings, heritage collections and mummies. A Dutch botanist established this museum under the British, and is considered as one among the most ancient museums in the world at present.

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