5 continents. 18 months. 2 wheels.

5 continents, 16 countries and 17000 kilometres covered in a short span of 18 months!

Bhardwaj Dayala has achieved what no other Indian has dared to do before.

This is an adventure story backed with sheer grit and gusto!

In April 2006, Mr. Dayala took off from Andhra Pradesh his home state on his Karizma motorbike to travel the world and hitchhiked  across countries like Canada, France, USA,New Zealand, Italy Bangladesh to peg just a few landmarks on his globetrotting journey.

Many of us dream of a life that involves routine travelling from one country to another.

But that dream is realised only by  a lucky few.

Not only because many lack the resources to live a life like that but even if your profession allows you to travel, how long before you want to come back home and revel in the peaceful family time?

The interview below articulates Mr Bhardwaj’s profound passion for travelling and the difficulties that he had to face in his time outside his home country.

Mr. Bhardwaj Dayala has since been felicitated with many prestigious honours and awards.

He is not only a passionate biker but enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes from being a trained paraglider, a trekker and a rock climber! How cool is that.



Q1. What was your motivation to travel across the world?

The zeal to see the world I live in, the places and the people. I wanted to experience it as a traveler not as a tourist so I took to riding around the world.


Q2. How many countries have you travelled till date? Which country has been your best experience?

Traveled to many but on my world tour I traveled across 16 counties in 5 continents. Iran,  Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Bangladesh.  Every country offers a different set of experience and it’s hard to say which is good and bad. But I liked Canada and New Zealand a lot.


Q3.What modifications did you do on the bike for this ride?

I needed to carry a lot of spare parts and camping equipment so I fixed two panniers and a tail box. Engine side is just stock  engine.


Q4.  Can you share some motorcycle ride experiences in other countries when you were in a dilemma whether to continue the ride? What kept you going on then?

I never had that dilemma. If you ever find yourself in that dilemma then most probably you will quit. You need to be psychologically strong to go through the rigors of a tour like this. You can’t expect only good things to happen. And when the bad happens you need to pick yourself up and get going.


Q5. How has your cross country experience been from stay point of view? When I say stay, how did different continents differ in the type of stay that was offered?

Stay will be the major concern on a tour like this. You are moving constantly and need to save the money yet be safe so that you are not robbed while you sleep. It depends on the country you are traveling. Countries like Syria have minimal Hotel and Hostel facilities while Europe had the best of options. Youth hostels offer cheaper and safe accommodation. People often mistake that underdeveloped countries are cheaper to Travel but mostly you may have to stay in expensive hotels if you really want to be safe. The facilities greatly differ.


Q6. Did you get an opportunity to ‘Live like a Local’ when you travelled to any country? Could you please share your experience on the same?

I stayed with Bedouins in Egypt where there was no accommodation. They were glad to accommodate me and we discussed a lot though we didn’t understand a word of each others language.


Q7. What’s the one thing about home that you miss the most when you’re out travelling?

People and Foods. If you take people as an obvious answer then food is something I missed. I badly wanted some Indian food. Though there are Indian restaurants in big cities, you will mostly miss it.


Q8. Lastly, any tips for fellow travellers which you can share about a place you visit often in the country that could help our readers on their next trip to that place?

Stop being a tourist traveling in groups escorted by the guides. Begin to explore the rarely visited places. You may face difficulties but it is well worth. Araku neat visakhapatnam is a place I visit frequently. It had lot of mountains to trek and weather is much cooler.





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