Born on 16th December – A Sagittarian – expected to be wild, free spirited, adventurous and a traveller. Exemplifying what my star signs say, I set out to unravel the mysteries of Western Europe. I am a believer of Bread & Breakfast stays purely because it helps me ‘Live Like A Local’.
I have travelled 16 odd countries and tried different kinds of stays but what stood out for me was Bed & Breakfast (here on referred as BnB).

To name a few countries that I visited in this section – Prague, Austra, Slovakia & Hungary.


Charles Bridge, Prague — at Prague, Czech Republic


The most famous bridge in Prague, and indeed, the Czech Republic – a 520-metre stretch of masonry that spans the River Vltava in serene fashion. Built between 1357 and 1402, the bridge (or ‘Karluv most’, as the Czechs call it) was the only way of crossing the Vltava without taking to the water for 460 years, despite a design that has left it consistently prone to flood damage.

Because the bridge is the encapsulation of Prague as a medieval metropolis. Largely undamaged by the violence of the Second World War (Prague fell to both the Germans and the Russians with barely a bullet of conflict, in fortunate contrast to poor ravaged Budapest to the south), the city offers numerous echoes of an older, lost Europe in its narrow streets and cobbled passages.

Wawel Castle, Kraków City, Poland



The glorious ensemble that is Wawel, perched on top of the hill of the same name immediately south of the Old Town, is by far the most important collection of buildings in Poland. A symbol of national pride, hope, self-rule and not least of all fierce patriotism, Wawel offers a uniquely Polish version of the British Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey rolled into one


Budapest, Hungary — in Budapest, Hungary Honvéd Kórház.


Budapest is among the most magnetic cities that I have visited and by far the best looking city in Hungary.Being the capital of Hungary, Budapest is a peaceful and bustling metropolis and yet friendly. Its one of the older cities in Hungary in Europe and the history blends well with the serene river of Danube which practically flows through the city for 28 kilometers


Next week:
Slovakia & Vienna


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